Terror Comes to an Island

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The Visitor, Art Credit: Chet Dembeck

Operação Prato or Operation Plate

In 1977, the 2,000 residents of the small Brazilian island of Colares were terrorized by an unprecedented invasion of UFOs that lasted a period of months.

After reading the documented eyewitness accounts of the numerous residents of the island who suffered burns, blood loss, paralysis or small wounds they claim were inflicted by light beams emanating from these UFOs, there can be little doubt that whomever or whatever was operating the UFOs are indeed hostile to humankind.

According to the government documents that have been leaked so far, none of the victims died, but many were burned and suffered other strange maladies.

Many told of having their blood sucked, or removed from them by invisible syringes. Many of the residents called this the work of the “Chup-Chupas,” which is derived from the Brazilian verb chupar, meaning “to suck. They used this term because they believed blood of “chupada” was being sucked by the beams of light UFOs aimed at them like lasers.

After panic nearly swept the island, the Brazilian government finally decided to act and conducted an extensive investigation of the hostile UFOs from October 1977 until January 1978 using intelligent agents stationed at it Belém Air Force base in Northern Brazil. During this period, the intelligence team carefully interviewed hundreds of witnesses in Colares and residents who lived in 30 other villages North of Belem. Many of these individuals emphatically claimed to have been badly burned by light beams shot from legions of UFOs that invaded the area.

During this intense investigation, agents took hundreds of photos and several hours of film. According to prominent Brazilian ufologists, the films captured chilling scenes of the UFOs regularly diving into and coming out of water in the nearby Marajó Bay.

Rumors Flying

While bits and pieces of information about the historic UFO invasion of Colares came out through residents of the island’s mainland relatives, the government kept mum about the strange and dangerous goings on.

It took a yearlong campaign by the Brazilian UFO magazine Revista UFO, gathering 36,000 signatures demanding that the records of this investigation be made public, before Brazilian Air Force leaders agreed to meet with a group of Brazilian ufologists on May 20. 2005.

During this meeting six ufologists were allowed to review some of the classified files from the Air Force’s archives, including those of Operação Prato, which means “Operation Plate, or saucer” in Portuguese. This included 110 photographs and 160 documents from the investigation.

Photocopies of many of these documents have been leaked to the public, including 18 photographs. The documents include the summaries of more than 300 sightings that occurred in Colares and surrounding villages during the UFO swarm.

What makes these sightings so credible is that fact that half of the sightings were actually witnessed by the head of the investigation Captain Uyrangê Hollanda or his six sergeants.

After he retired as a lieutenant colonel Hollanda granted an interview to ufologists Bob Pratt and Cynthia Luce.

“He told us “many people” had been burned by UFOs during the UFO wave, both on the Colares Island side of Marajó Bay and on Marajó Island,” Pratt said. “Of the dozens of documents that were leaked, only a few mention any burns or injuries, and there is no mention of anyone dying.”

According to Pratt, a former newspaper reporter who passed away in 2005, the investigation team photographed burn victims, although how many is not known.

“A doctor once told Belém researcher Daniel Rebisso Giese that a colonel had shown him many photos of people who had been burned. And in 1993, Pratt and Glese interviewed one victim, Manoel Emídio Campo de Oliveira, who said investigators took photographs of a burn on the top of his left thigh. Giesel, a biologist, has done more research on the Colares flap than anyone else and has published a book about it, Vampiros Extraterrestres na Amazônia,” Pratt wrote in a report for the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON).

Here are some of the most interesting eyewitness accounts from victims of UFO attacks on the island, according to copied government documents provided and translated by Pratt, courtesy of MUFON:

On Oct. 11, 1977 at 3:30 a.m. at Santo Antônio do Ubintuba – Rio Bituba, side road at Km 32, PA-16.

Miguel Arcângelo Soares, 32, literate, farm worker. He lives in the locality known as Vila Nova do Ubintuba and was getting ready to go to the village of Vigia when he heard his neighbors shouting “There it goes! There it goes!”

He left his house using the back door in time to see a reddish-yellow light moving slowly about 60 meters high, going SE/NW (Santo Antônio do Ubintuba), emitting a ray of blue light; frightened, he yelled to his wife to stay in the house… he went back inside the house and felt as if he had had an electric shock from a ray of light… like a charge of static electricity… He felt partially paralyzed, a numbness which spread from his feet to his head, accompanied by chills and growing heat for some minutes. He was hoarse and felt a pain in the back of his neck.

On Oct. 12, 1977 at 11:30 p.m. Santo Antônio do Tauá – Manoel do Espirito Santo, 20, high school student , resident of Santo Antônio do Tauá (town), was in front of his house with some friends, Júlio, Paulo, Deca and Carlito) when he saw a yellow light moving E/W, slowing in speed and stopping about 20 meters from the group.

He said he could see two crew members inside who appeared to be human, one man and a woman; the “man” was on the left side and the woman on the right side of the “apparatus”; both wore glasses (different shape) and communication gear (earphones)…the one on the left (?)… more attentively to the group of people. At the same time the other, behind a horizontal tube (?) …directed a ray of red light toward the group; having been hit directly, it felt like an electric shock, from the feet to the head; then felt paralyzed (arms and legs immobilized) and semi-conscious. The object gradually began to move away, gaining altitude and speed.

Manoel was able to move again, feeling numb for some minutes. DESCRIPTION OF OBJECT: From a distance it seemed like a reddish-yellow star; it turned more yellow as it came closer. He observed a bluish light in the front top part. It had the shape of a barrel with a thin tube (reddish)… and another, more slender, horizontal (45 degrees) one which emitted the ray of blue light.

The apparent size was 1.20 to 1.40 meters and gave the appearance of being transparent (in the bluish part) with a division between the two crew members. The movement: It climbed straight up in a wavy motion (like a leaf in the wind) until it reached a certain altitude, abruptly varying its speed….

On Oct. 16, 1977 at 7:30 p.m. Colares – Wellaide Cecim Carvalho, 24, doctor and head of the Colares Hospital.

Dr. Wellaide affirmed having observed on the days and hours respectively sighted a bright metallic object spinning over the front part of the village (beach of Cajueiro NE at low altitude, 100 meters) at an estimated distance of 1,500 meters without producing the least sound.

She described the objects this way: Conical-cylindrical shape (upper part more narrow) having an apparent size at that distance of 3 meters in width and 2 in diameter. It moved in an irregular manner (vertical position on its longitudinal axis), accentuated wavy or rocking motion, all the time making swift stops and turning at the same time.

She says she observed closely, being on one occasion accompanied by other people in front of the local state hospital. She was interviewed by elements of Equipe (team); others affirmed what she said. Staking her ethical and professional reputation, she… made a more complete communication with reference to people who said they had been attacked by rays of light from unknown source (four cases were attended).

She said, besides “crise nervosa,” her patients had other symptoms… (Partial paralysis of the body) evidencing a different … clinical picture when having a crise nervosa where the areas of attack were the extremities.

Her patients reported headaches, debility, dizziness, generalized tremors… and, more importantly, first-degree burns marked by tiny perforations. According to the sex, the males on the neck (jugular) and the women on the chest (only one case). I asked for her personal opinion (why these things were happening), she said she believes the things that have been occurring in the region….

Oct. 18, 1977 at 11:p.m. Colares –Claudomira Rodrigues da Paixão, 35 interrogated by the chief of the Second Section Sgt. Flávio.

She said she was sleeping in a hammock in a room with her cousin and her children. She saw a light (the town’s electricity had been shut off at 22:00) that traveled all over her body (like a lantern), striking her on the left side of her chest, sucking (blood from it),

The light went down the back of her right hand where it felt as if she had been pricked by needle. She tried to cry out for help, but couldn’t make a sound. Her body was half-paralyzed.

Everything was totally lit by a greenish light. She felt a strange torpor. She was aroused by her cousin, who also saw the light and screamed. Claudomira cried out, “I am ruined (sic), the ‘animal’ sucked me.’

She felt great heat in the breast and the back of the right hand, a headache, and pressure on her chest. She was treated by Dr. Wellaide, who sent her to the IML (Instituto Medico Legal, or medical examiner’s office in Belém). There she was examined by a doctor and told to come back for another examination.

Nov. 2, 1977 between 7:00 and 11:30 p.m. at Rio Guajará-

Olaria Keuffer observed a light moving below tree-top level, lighting up the area like daylight. Because of its brightness the witness couldn’t see the structural details. It was circular with a reddish dome on top… giving the impression it was transparent; at a distance of 70 meters it appeared to be about three meters in diameter and two meters high (base to top of dome).

In the bottom a porthole opened and a humanoid-shaped being got out, short but muscular, wearing a tight, dark seamless uniform (light was behind him); it was floating; a reddish beam of light came out of his hand and went straight toward the witness, who ran away.

As the witness was running, he saw the being examine his fishing net. Then the humanoid returned to the object, which then moved toward the witness at low altitude with a searchlight seeking the witness.

The witness ran away across the mud flats and later arrived at a place where his friends were waiting in a boat. As he was telling them about the incident, the object appeared again with a different color, reddish on top and blue-green below.

They all fled the place. The humanoid came out again, inspected the boat and then returned to the object, which disappeared beyond the trees. The witness was examined by doctors and psychologists but no abnormalities were found.

Similar Burns Occurred In Venezuela

To my amazement, while researching the UFO flap in Colares in 1977, I found a letter from the U. S. Ambassador to Venezuela that described exactly the same kind of searing light burning members of a family in a letter published in the Scientific American 92 years earlier in 1886.

Here it is:


To the Editor of the Scientific American:

The following brief account of a recent strange meteorological occurrence may be of interest to your readers as an addition to the list of electrical eccentricities:

During the night of the 24th of October last, which was rainy and tempestuous, a family of nine persons, sleeping in a hut a few leagues from Maracaibo, were awakened by a loud humming noise and a vivid, dazzling light, which brilliantly illuminated the interior of the house.

The occupants completely terror stricken, and believing, as they relate, that the end of the world had come, threw themselves on their knees and commenced to pray, but their devotions were almost immediately interrupted by violent vomitings, and extensive swellings commenced to appear in the upper part of their bodies, this being particularly noticeable about the face and lips.

It is to be noted that the brilliant lights was not accompanied by a sensation of heat, although there was a smoky appearance and a peculiar smell.

The next morning, the swellings had subsided, leaving upon the face and body large black blotches. No special pain was felt until the ninth day, when the skin peeled off, and these blotches were transformed into virulent raw sores.

The hair of the head fell off upon the side which happened to be underneath when the phenomenon occurred, the same side of the body being, in all nine cases, the more seriously injured.

The remarkable part of the occurrence is that the house was uninjured, all doors and windows being closed at the time.

No trace of lightning could afterward by observed in any part of the building, and all the sufferers unite in saying that there was no detonation, but only the loud humming already mentioned.

Another curious attendant circumstance is that the trees around the house showed no signs of injury until the ninth day, when they suddenly withered, almost simultaneously with the development of the sores upon the bodies of the occupants of the house.

This is perhaps a mere coincidence, but it is remarkable that the same susceptibility to electrical effects, with the same lapse of time, should be observed in both animal and vegetable organisms.
I have visited the sufferers, who are now in one of the hospitals of this city; and although their appearance is truly horrible, yet it is hoped that in no case will the injuries prove fatal.

Warner Cowgill. U. S. Consulate, Maracaibo, Venezuela November 17, 1886

Conclusion on Colares Island

According to ufologists who covered this historic invasion of this island and the harassment of it population, it ceased just as suddenly as it started.

They also agree that the documents released by the Brazilian Air Force were just the tip of the iceberg and that there are probably many more astounding photos and information about this incident the public may never know.

However, some things about this extraordinary event are obvious to me.

  1. The UFOs and their occupants had no regard for humans and crudely took their blood and examined their boats and houses like a conquering army.
  2. They worked almost exclusively in the dark and hide themselves in the surrounding waterways during the day.
  3. They operated with complete impunity and any attempts by Brazilian helicopters to follow them or stop them were feeble and futile.

While this is terrifying in and of itself, it is what we do not know about the motives of these invaders that is most horrifying.

Why were they so interested in collecting blood samples and to what end will they use this information?

Did they choose this isolated island of fisherman because their cries for help against a flap of UFOs were more likely to be ignored or brushed off by the powers that be as the imaginings of a uneducated and superstitious people?

Could this flap have been one of several exploratory excursions on planet Earth to ascertain our capabilities, vulnerabilities and physical makeup to best plan a quick and deadly future invasion?

The answers to these questions are coming in my opinion, but others believe the incidents were just some sort of mass hysteria triggered by some strange lights in the sky.

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 © 2018 Chet Dembeck

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