3 Little-Known Documented UFO Cases Everyone Should Know About

ufo crash 2

UFO Crashes in Wilderness 1865, Art Credit: Tom Bud

UFO Crashed in Missouri Wilderness at Time of the Civil War

Almost 100 years before Roswell, a UFO crashed in a remote wilderness of Missouri, according to an article published in the Missouri Democrat on Oct. 19, 1865, a few months after the American Civil War ended. The story was picked up later by several other newspapers, including the New York, Brooklyn Daily Eagle. 


James Lumley, Fur Trapper, Credit: Public Domain

The eyewitness to this event was James Lumley, a long-time Rocky Mountain trapper, who said that will trapping in the isolated mountains about 100 miles above the Great Falls of Upper Missouri, he witnessed a curious sight one evening just after sunset.


He said he saw a bright object in the sky that broke into pieces, similar to a skyrocket.  A few minutes later, he heard an explosion that jarred the earth where he was camped. This occurred a few seconds after he heard what sounded like a tornado sweep through the thick woods around him.

Path of Destruction

newspaper lumley historic ufo_peLumley thought no more of the incident until the next morning when he started checking his traps and found a path of destruction more that 30-feet wide cut through the thick forest. Huge trees were uprooted and broken off near the ground.

Lumley followed the path until he came to the side of a mountain that had what appeared to be a huge stone driven through it.

What Lumley had first thought was stone turned out to be some sort of vehicle, which was divided into various compartments. Lumley was shocked to find what he described as some sort of “hieroglyphics” carved into the surface of its strange shaft, as though by “human hands.”

Lumley also found what appeared to be fragments of glass scattered around the remaining piece of the vehicle, which he concluded to a small portion of the whole. Lumley also reported that there was a strange black liquid on the ground.

This is where the newspaper article speculates that the vehicle could have come from another planet in our solar system, while Lumley reasoned the strange vehicle must have been used by some “animated beings.”

No follow-up article ever appeared in any publication, and whether Lumley or anyone else ever returned to the crash site is not known.

Children Describe Small Silky Aliens Exiting UFO

Perhaps one of the most interesting but strange cases of extraterrestrial sightings is that of the close encounter experienced by a brother and sister in the French commune of Cussac.

It was on a sunny morning Aug. 29, 1967 at 8 a.m. when 13-year-old Francois and his 9-year-old sister Anne Marie and their dog Mendor led a group of cows to pasture as part of their daily chores.

cussac 1

A Copy of the Original Article on this  UFO Encounter

While the cows grazed, the two siblings played cards until about 10:30 a.m., when some of the cows decided to cross a low wall that marked the property of a neighbor.

When Francois rose to stop the cows from crossing, he saw something he would never forget as long as he lived.

The boy noticed four small beings behind a hedge across the road where the cows were heading.  At first, he thought they were other children. This explains why his sister who also spotted them cried out asking them if they wanted to play.

cussac 3But as she did, Francois got a sick feeling in his stomach as he got a closer look. The beings were not children at all. They were “silky black” humanoid creatures without any distinctive faces or clothing. Moreover, their sizes ranged from 3 to 4 feet in height, with two of the beings smaller than the others.

Francois also noticed that they all have fine limbs and normal heads, except the craniums and chins appeared more pronounced than humans – plus they seemed to have beards. The creatures had been unaware of the children’s presence, but when Anne Marie called out to them, mistaking them for playmates, they immediately dove behind the hedge trying to stay out of sight.

In order to see where the creatures had gone, the children then climbed on top of the wall where they witnessed the strange visitors busily working on a brilliant sphere the size of a small truck. The children reported that the craft sparkled so brightly that it was painful to look at for more than a few seconds.

Photo & News Account of Oldest U.S. UFO sighting

mount washington ufo

One of the First UFOs Ever Photographed in Mt. Washington, New York, 1870. Photo Credit:Public Domain

UFOs have been frequenting the United States’ skies for at least 150 years or more.

Here’s a photo of one of the earliest known UFO sightings captured in Mt. Washington, New Hampshire in 1870.

During the 1890s there was a great wave of UFO sightings at time before airplanes had even been invented.

Newspaper Account

In 1897, the Baltimore Sun reported the following UFO account, which sounds eerily familiar to modern-day sightings.

On the night of April 9 a strange object in the sky was seen by thousands in Chicago.

“The moving object was first observed by Mr. Robert Lowen, of Sherman Avenue. He was standing in the store door when his attention was attracted by a moving light in the heavens. The light appeared to be over the lake, a short way out, and was moving in a westerly direction.

Mr. Lowen took a strong field glass and looked at the object. He was able to discern four lights close together and moving in unison. The first light was a bright white light and appeared to be a searchlight; directly back of this was a smaller green light, and further to the rear were a white and green light close together.”

According to the article, the skies over Chicago that evening were “swarming with them.”

As they do today, the authorities of the time tried to explain the sightings away by claiming that the people were mistaken and had only observed a bright star or the planet Venus.

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