Some of Most Baffling UFO Cases in History


ufo crash

UFO Crash, Photo Credit: Kalhh

Spate of Silent Giant UFOs Spotted Over Iowa

A spate of credible eyewitnesses reporting silent, low-flying, football-field size unidentified flying vehicles topped breaking UFO news in 2011.

The sighting of such strange UFOS is nothing new, but the number of sightings has piqued the interest of even UFO skeptics.

I have read the testimony of many eyewitnesses to such events where suddenly a huge triangular object silently floated over their heads at a low altitude.

Many of the witnesses report an eerie silence, while some report an initial sound that gets their attention just before the strange stillness.

One described the stillness as like being enveloped in a vacuum.

Rash of Sightings in Iowa

According to the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), there has been an unusual spike in giant UFO sightings in Iowa.

In fact, here is an excerpt from one such case that occurred on U.S. Highway 30 just West of Ames, Iowa at 3:29 a.m. on Sept. 9, 2011 courtesy of MUFON as reported and written by Beverly Trout.

“As the [anonymous] witness drove eastbound, a sound she describes as a ‘whump-rumble’ prompted her to look up through her windshield. When she did, she saw a black object hovering over the eastbound lanes of the highway.

The witness estimates the object she saw was 160 to 200 feet ahead of her vehicle, with one end extending beyond the highway’s south boundary. Because the witness couldn’t see the entire object, she doesn’t know how far it extended beyond the highway. The witnesses’ estimate of the object’s size allows for a calculation that it was traveling at an altitude between 425 and 1,000 feet. The length of the object is estimated between 400 and 1,100 feet.

The witness reported that the shape of the object’s underside reminded her or a hovercraft. In a sketch she drew of the object, it is shown with three arcs each containing a row of rectangular-shaped lights. Each of the rectangles emitted a steady white light. This lighting configuration is a vastly different arrangement than the way most witnesses usually describe UFO lighting.”

Final Analysis

The strong aspects of this case are the credibility of the witness, according to MUFON investigators. For me, its vivid detail and its similarity to other giant UFO sightings that elevates its authenticity. However, who’s to say that such crafts are not some super-secret U.S. prototype?

It is a fact that low-flying Stealth B-2 bombers performing low altitude exercises at night have been reported as UFOs.

We will just have to wait and see. If the parade of such giant UFOs continues in 2018, perhaps someone will capture enough physical evidence to solve this ongoing mystery.

Reporter Describes Incredible Sighting Of Cigar-Shaped UFO Over Italy

While for more than 60 years the mainstream media and government officials have scoffed at reports of UFOs and extraterrestrials, both institutions of the status quo have documented many credible and unexplainable cases.

Such is the case of the “Flying ‘Cigar’ Stops Silent Over Rome,” which was reported in the Washington Post on Sept. 19, 1954 by INS reporter Michael Chinigo.

In an unusual first-person account, reporter Chinigo tells of a cigar-shaped UFO he observed over the skies of Italy on Sept. 18, which was corroborated for 39 minutes by radar.

Eyewitness Account of Reporter

“What attracted my attention was the strange sound the object emitted as it passed overhead,” Chinigo reported. “The sound was not the usual whine of a jet or the droning of an ordinary plane, but rather it was like approaching thunder, but with a staccato effect, a series of explosions that grew louder as the object got closer.”

Eerie Stillness

Suddenly the explosions stopped, according to Chinigo. “This was followed by dead silence as the ‘thing’ stopped or appeared to, at a height of about 5 to 6,000 feet,” he continued. “Suddenly it shot upward and left an exhaust trail of milky white smoke. It went straight up into the sky. The air was perfectly still, and the smoke remained in a vertical trail.”

Corroborating Witnesses

In the article, Chinigo says that the observatory at Ciampino initially described the UFO as a flying cigar with a big antenna amidships. The United States Defense Dept. pictured it as a “clipped cone” with a smaller surface on the bottom, or as two semi-circular disks, one bigger than the other, with the bigger one on top.

The report then makes the assertion that the UFO could be some sort of Allied experimental machine, or perhaps a British craft “in view of reports of Britain’s progress in new type of aircraft.”

To this day, the UFO remains a mystery, but similar cigar-shaped UFOS have been reported and witnessed by many over the last 50 years.

Shag Harbor UFO Crash Is Canada’s Roswell

On the night of Oct. 4, 1967, officers of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and six civilians witnessed a UFO 60-feet long moving East at high rate of speed crash into Shag Harbour, Nova Scotia, in a strange case that many ufologists consider Canada’s Roswell.

Witnesses said that the UFO made a bright splash on impact and that a single white light appeared on the surface of the water for a short amount of time. The police, with help from local fishermen, quickly launched some boats in an attempt to search the area of the crash for survivors, but none were found.

Witnesses of the search recalled traveling through thick, glittery and yellow foam in order to reach the UFO, which had apparently sunk underwater. The witnesses reported seeing bubbles coming from underneath the surface, but could not find the UFO.

Police Reports Disappear

The police notified the Canadian Department of Defence of the incident and military search party was launched — but claimed to come up empty handed. Meanwhile, unofficial sources contended that United States and the then Soviet Union immediately dispatched subs to the area and also aggressively searched for the UFO.

The same sources claim the search went on for several days as the UFO played cat and mouse with the military forces of three countries. Finally, the submerged UFO was rescued by a second unidentified object and both of them surfaced and quickly took off at a high rate of speed to disappear into the horizon.

Even though the Royal Canadian Mounted Police initiated the search, it claims it has no file or documentation of the event, not unlike the U.S. Air Force’s claim that it has no file on the Roswell, N. M. UFO crash that occurred in July of 1947 and is still studied more than 6 decades after the event.

The only official acknowledgement of the Shag Harbor UFO crash is a terse, one-page report issued by the Canadian Department of Defense that creates more questions than it answers.

Did A Flying Disc With Inhabitants Crash In The Mojave Desert?

One of the most controversial UFO cases of all times is the purported 1950 flying disc crash with inhabitants in the Mojave Desert as told by the late oil producer Silas M. Newton.

The account, which was included in an article by the granddaddy of all UFO researchers Frank Scully, caught the attention of the FBI and its then Director J. Edgar Hoover. It’s important to note that this event occurred not quite three years after the UFO crash in Roswell, N.M.

Although the FBI then, as it does today, claims it was and is not interested in UFOs, declassified documents show otherwise — especially in this 1950 case.

FBI Identifies Newton as Scully’s Source

In a document I obtained under the Freedom of Information Act, the FBI identified Newton as the source of information about Mojave Desert UFO incident mentioned in Scully’s article, which only identified him as “Mr. I.”

Many of the names and other information is redacted from the FBI document, but the gist of it is this:

Oilman Newton had leased some land in the Mojave Desert to a company whose members witnessed a flying disc crash on the property. When they ran to the area where the disc had crashed, they found it intact and found a crew of 18 humanoid creatures who had all died in the crash. Newton added that the occupants were small, averaging only 3-feet tall and that the disc was made of a very hard metal that was indestructible.

The FBI continued to investigate Newton until he died in 1972.

Whether Newton’s tale was true of not, we will never know. But, it is true that his story caused him a lot of grief and FBI attention for the rest of his life.

UFO Buzzes Small Plane near Washington D.C.

Before UFO reports became the back-end of a bad joke and a guarantee of ridicule, a pilot of a small plane flying near Washington D.C, gave a detailed account of his encounter with a flying disc.

The eyewitness account published in the Washington Post, on May 27, 1950 is yet another piece of evidence that proves that some UFOs are real and not illusions, or the planet Venus. In the article, private pilot and Library of Congress employee Bertram A. Trotten reported a near collision with a flying disc, about 40 feet in diameter and 10 feet thick.

Trotten had rented a plane and was flying near the then National Airport at about 5,000 feet when he suddenly spotted a flying disc directly underneath his plane.

“This circular object, which seemed to be of aluminum color and glittering on top, came across my path, about 1,000 feet below. I put my ship into dive to get a closer look at it,” Trotten said. “As I leveled off the object, whatever it was, accelerated at a terrific speed, pointed somewhat upward as if to gain more altitude, and disappeared.”

“I would say it was going 400 to 500 miles per hour as it disappeared to the east. It left a trail of vapor behind. It was in my sight for about one minute and a half.”

Trotten’s credibility was high. He was test aircraft inspector in World War II and had been flying for 10 years.

UFO over New Jersey Described As ‘Flying Metal Loaf of Bread’

Here’s an interesting UFO sighting that recently occurred in New Jersey, courtesy of the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON). Below is the first-hand testimony of the individual who submitted the report. He is a former U.S. Air Force security Officer.

The New Jersey Sighting

“It was about 7 p.m., Aug. 15th, 2011, still daylight, clear sky, and no clouds.

I was driving north bound on Black Horse Pike in Bellmawr, NJ. I pulled up to the light at Wendy’s and I noticed what I thought was the front end of an airplane, about 75 to 100 yards in the air, crossing the black horse pike about a mile up ahead, going westbound.

It was very low and big. I thought at first, wow, this plane is low, it’s gonna crash. But it continued. As it continued to cross it stopped, hovered for a few seconds, then proceeded again. While looking at it, it didn’t seem right… The front was rounded, but square, with no windows, but I noticed 3 or 4 windows on the side at the top, with more holes or exhaust ports on the side.

It had a milky white color on the top half, and a dirty silvery metallic bottom. It was made of some type of metal, almost submarine like. As the back end came across, I was expecting to see a tail or tail wings, but there was no tail, just a little hump on the back end. It did not have any wings or rotor blades, it just drifted across the tree tops to the west and then it was gone.

I was kind of taken back for a moment, like wow that was really freaking cool. I looked to the person in the car next me, to see if they saw what I saw. But they turned left and showed no interest. I served in the USAF as a security officer back in the late 90’s and I have never seen a craft like this… To me it was a mix between a plane, a helicopter, a sub and a space shuttle rolled into one. The best way to describe its shape is, it looked like a flying metal loaf of bread… Very weird, but cool… .”

Project Supervisor Claims UFOs Have Threatened U.S. Missile Defense

Long before commanders of U.S. missile installations came out publicly to describe how their weapons had been shut down by interloping UFOs, a project supervisor on the former Minuteman missile program went public about numerous incidents.

In a Dec. 5, 1973 article published by The Christian Science Monitor, Raymond Fowler, a project supervisor on a Minuteman missile project near Boston says he was told about the UFO-caused malfunctions at missile sites in North Dakota and Montana.

Fowler’s Story

According to Fowler, an Air Force officer who had been in one of the subterranean Launch Control Facilities of the North Dakota Minuteman site on Aug. 25, 1966, told Fowler that UFOs had successfully jammed their communication capabilities and had in effect shut their Minuteman Missiles down.

The unnamed officer then told Fowler that “nothing on Earth” has the capability to do this to U.S. defenses. He added that fighters were scrambled, but they could not catch up with the UFOs that disappeared into the horizon at incredible speeds — breaking all known laws or aerodynamics.

After the event, Air Force intelligence swamped the base ordering all those who had seen or heard anything to keep quiet.

Of course, the Air Force and the Department of Defense denied that any such events occurred.

Apollo Flight Engineer Tells Of UFO Encounter

Ever since UFOs were first reported there has been a concerted effort by the U.S. government and major media to explain away their reality and discourage their reporting by discrediting and ridiculing those who come forward with eyewitness accounts of the phenomena.

Yet, despite the negative consequences for reporting UFOs, as I stated earlier, some brave individuals are willing to share publicly what they’ve witnessed. One such highly credible witness is a former Apollo flight engineer Julian Sandoval of Inglewood, Calf.

Unearthly Sighting near Albuquerque, New Mexico

According to an article published Jul. 11, 1966 in The Christian Science Monitor, while driving a car 18 miles north of Albuquerque, N.M. on June 23, Sandoval sighted an object hovering about 12,000 feet in the air at about 3:45 p.m. that in his own words was “nothing like we have.”

Consider, this statement is not coming from a witness an untrained eye, but from a flight engineer and pilot who at the time was working with the most sophisticated technology known to man. According to his account, Sandoval observed the object with binoculars for 1-1/2 hours, after pulling his car off of the road.

Description of UFO

Sandoval described the UFO’s main body as having a “blunt end” and was “incandescent,” like a light bulb.  He added that there were four lights, which varied from a brilliant greenish color to a tinge of blue on its tail.

“When it would change position it would glow brighter,” Sandoval told a reporter. “Its movement led me to believe it used a type of propulsion. “He estimated the size of the UFO to be about 300 feet “from stem to stern.”

Finally, the UFO suddenly zipped out of sight at an incredible speed that, once again, defied known laws of aerodynamics.

Sandoval’s mother, who was a passenger in his car, also witnessed the event. As mentioned above, in addition to being a flight engineer Sandoval was also was a pilot with 7,000 hours of flying time under his belt.

Florida Governor and 4 Reporters Sight Strange-Shaped UFO

Former President Jimmy Carter wasn’t the only governor to personally witness a UFO. Former Governor of Florida W. Haydon Burns and four newspaper reporters watched helplessly as a UFO shadowed Burns campaign plane.

The incident occurred Apr. 26, 1966, according to an Associated Press article describing the unsettling incident experienced by five very credible and objective witnesses. Burns, who was running for reelection at the time, appeared to be worried that any elaboration on the event might hurt him politically. Even so, he didn’t deny the sighting.

“I will confirm that I saw the same unidentified flying object” the reporters saw, Burns told a group of curious reporters when he disembarked from his campaign plane.

Reporter Describes UFO

While the UFO buzzed Gov. Burn’s plane, co-pilot Herb Bates asked air traffic controllers if they had picked up the UFO on radar, but they hadn’t. Nonetheless, the UFO was clearly described by Jack Ledden, a political reporter:

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