UFOs Challenging Pilots and Troops


ufo buzzing jet

GIMBAL Video of U.S. Navy Jet Encounter with Unknown Object

1976 Case of UFOs disarming and shutting down Iranian F-4 Phantom jets

There are few UFO cases more documented than the encounter than that occurred when two Iranian F-4 Phantom fighter jets were scrambled to challenge a formation of strange UFOs spotted flying over Tehran in the early morning hours of Sept. 19, 1976.

What makes this case so interesting and disturbing is that it shows that these unknown objects could not only out maneuver the Iranian F-4s, but they also had the ability to shut down their weapons, communications and power systems at will. Recently, there has been another close encounter between a UFO and a U.S. Navy Pilot, which I have documented in a previous post. 

Excerpt from National Press Club News Conference

At a Nov. 12, 2007 press conference at the National Press Club in Washington D.C., one of the F-4 pilots General Parviz Jafari recounted his harrowing experience.

Jafari told the group of reporters how he tried to intercept an “object which was flashing with intense red, green, orange and blue lights,” and how other objects with different shapes separated from the main one, at different times during his close encounter.

“Whenever they were close to me, my weapons were jammed and my radio communications were garbled. One of the objects headed toward me. I thought it was a missile. I tried to launch a heat seeking missile to it, but my missile panel went out,” Jafari said.

“Another followed me when I was descending on the way back. One of the separated objects landed in an open area radiating a high bright light, in which the sands on the ground were visible. We could hear emergency squash all the way, which was reported by other airliners flying at the time and continued for another couple of days. During my interview a headquarters after the incident, an American colonel took notes. When I asked if he thought this was an alien spacecraft, he said he was not quite sure that it was.”

Boeing 747 Trailed By Giant UFO Bigger Than 2 Aircraft Carriers

Today, there are many confirmed sightings of huge, football-field size UFOS, but one of the first and most credible sightings happened in 1987.

It involved the pilot and crew of a JAL flight 1628 on the first leg of a trip from Iceland to Anchorage, Alaska to an ultimate destination of Europe and then Japan. In an article published in the Washington Post on Jan. 2 1987, the terrifying story of veteran Boeing 747 cargo jet Capt. Kenju Terauchi and his co-pilot was told.

Permission for Evasive Action

The incident occurred on Nov. 17, 1987 when Terauchi radioed the FAA asking for permission to take evasive action against several UFOs that suddenly began to tail him too closely.

“They were flying parallel and then suddenly approached very close,” Terauchi told the Post. Both FAA and Air Force radar operators confirmed the objects that seemed intent on crashing into the Boeing 747.

Permission was granted and the veteran pilot with 29 years of experience dropped the plane to 4,000 feet after first making a 360-degree turn. However, to the pilot’s chagrin, the UFOs followed him without missing a beat.

There were three of them — two small disc-shaped UFOs and one huge walnut-shaped UFO that was bigger than two aircraft carriers, according to Terauchi.

“It was unbelievable,” Terauchi said. The UFOs had followed his plane for 400 miles — before they suddenly shot off into space.

Although this incident was corroborated by Terauchi, his crew and two radar operators, neither the FAA nor the Air Force conducted a public investigation of the 747’s harrowing near collision with a giant UFO. As is so often the case with such events, public officials simply shrug their shoulders and keep mum about the ordeal. I’d love to know what they had to say behind closed doors.

Pan Am Airline Pilot Tells Of Near Collision with UFO

As I research UFOs — and especially first-hand accounts by airline pilots who have nearly collided with them — I am always amazed at the hardcore skepticism and mocking such reports elicit.

This is a mindset that I believe has been embedded by a concerted government effort to discredit the whole UFO phenomenon and render it a joke.

The fact is that once a professional pilot takes the extraordinary step of going public, for all intents and purposes, it kills his career. Even if he keeps his job, he is ridiculed and said to be a little “off” when others talk behind his back. It’s only when you consider the price such brave individuals pay that you begin to understand why their testimony about UFOs is so credible.

Strange Air Encounter of Capt. Matthew A. Van Winkle

This is also why when I researched newspaper archives for this report, I took special notice to a first-person account of a Pan Am airliner’s near collision with a UFO written by the pilot Capt. Matthew A. Van Winkle and published Mar.12, 1957 in the Washington Post.

In the piece, Van Winkle tells of his dangerous encounter with a UFO:

“It looked like it was coming right at me from at most a few hundred yards. As to what ‘it’ was, I have less an idea today than when I tried to evade it,” Van Winkle wrote.

At the time of the aggressive action taken by the UFO, Van Winkle’s years of flying experience kicked in as he immediately took evasive action ascending so suddenly that it took 4 minutes to quiet the plane,” which had whipped violently on the tail when I pulled her up,” he wrote.

“I saw whatever it was slip up under my right wing and knew in an instant it hadn’t hit us. Then I had to report to the ground by radio,” Van Winkle wrote.

Fighter Jets Scrambled

The article reports that an “unofficial report” stated that the Strategic Air Command ordered jet fighters scrambled to investigate and pursue the UFO, but soon after the report was sealed and labeled as “classified.”

This case mirrors dozens of similar near collisions with aggressive UFOs with aircrafts, but this doesn’t seem to make officials publicly curious about such incidents. Instead, those who report them are smeared and ridiculed as we come no closer to finding out what these UFOs really are.

Soldier Says That He Was Abducted By UFO Delivers Strange Message from ETs

A Chilean soldier and his men say he was abducted by a UFO while on patrol in the Andes foothills and then came back with a substantial time loss – plus a strange message from his extraterrestrial captors.

According to an article published by the Associated Press on May 23, 1977, Cpl. Armando Valdes, the patrol leader of a small unit of Chilean soldiers, ordered his men to take up their arms as he went to investigate one of two bright objects that landed only 500 yards away from where he and his men had set up camp for the night in Chile’s north desert country.

Features of the UFO

According to the soldiers, the UFO shone with a violet light with two points of intense red.

As they watched Valdes, the soldiers claim he simply disappeared. The UFOs soon shot up into the sky and 15 minutes later, Valdes was found lying unconscious at the spot where he had vanished.

Eyewitnesses testified that Valdes regained consciousness about 7 a.m., but that his watch read 4:30 a.m. — the time of his disappearance. Here’s the really weird part of this bizarre encounter of the third kind: The soldiers also claim that the date on Corporal Valdes had been advanced five days — and that he also had about a week’s growth of beard!

Extraterrestrial Message

According to his men, the first words out of Valdes mouth when he regained consciousness were: “You do not know who we are, or where we come from. But I tell you that we will soon return.”

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