Unexplained Cattle and Horse Mutilations


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Alien Abductions & Mutational, Credit: Comfreak

 Alien Tool Found at Site of Horse Mutilation

A strange alien tool covered with horse hair that was used to extract the animal’s organs was found by the horse’s owner Mrs. Burl Lewis when she visited the site of the mutilation for the second time, according to an article in the Washington Post published Oct. 10, 1967.

This and other evidence bolstered the claims made by the horse’s owners that their animal was attacked and mutilated by extraterrestrials.

An autopsy of the horse named “Snippy,” a 3-year-old gelding from a range in Alamosa, Colo., revealed the absence of organs in the abdominal cavity.

Witnesses to Autopsy

Four members of the Denver team of National Investigating Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP) witnessed the horse’s autopsy by a pathologist, who wished to remain anonymous. They included Dr. and Mrs. Ken Steinnmetz, Dr. Herb Roth and Capt. Dick Cable of the North American Air Dense Command Center in Colorado Springs.

When a pathologist sawed open the horse’s brain cavity he found it empty. Bizarrely, all the flesh had been stripped from the horse’s neck and head, leaving only bones.

Ranch owner Mr. Harry King called the owners of the horse when it was discovered dead in a field, and they searched the area together.

To their bewilderment they found areas where the chico brush had been squashed to within 10 inches of the of the ground with 15 circular exhaust marks within 100 yards of the horse’s carcass. Six similar impressions where found in another area of the ranch.

Measurements of Impressions

The investigative committee measured the markings on the ground and found the largest to be a circle 75 feet in diameter. Several smaller circles measured 15 feet in diameter.

As mentioned above, Mrs. Lewis claims to have found an alien instrument used in the horse slaying, and the article reported that when she touched it her hand turned red and began to burn.

A few weeks later, as is so often the case in such reports, a follow-up article was published in a more prominent section of the paper. In the second article, an official state pathologist was quoted as saying the first unnamed pathologist had been mistaken and that the horse had been attacked by a wild animal. There was no mention of the alien device found at the scene of the mutilation, nor were the owners of the horse quoted.

The Truth about cattle mutilations based on FBI documents and expert witnesses

The FBI fought hard not to investigate cattle mutilations

A 32-page declassified FBI report obtained by me documents the Bureau’s reluctance to investigate a spate of similar cattle mutilations and possible witness intimidation in Colorado despite multiple requested from the late Democratic Sen. Floyd Haskell.

Excerpts from Haskell’s letter to FBI

In a letter from Haskell dated Aug. 29, 1975 to Special Agent Theodore Rosack, the Senator pleaded for the FBI to get involved.

“For several months my office has been receiving reports of cattle mutilations throughout Colorado and other western states. At least 130 cases in Colorado alone have been reported to local officials and the Colorado Bureau of Investigation,” writes Haskell.

Ranchers scared

In the letter, Haskell went on to make his case for FBI involvement, telling the FBI that the mutilations were scaring local residents out of their wits.

“The bizarre mutilations are frightening in themselves: In virtually all cases, the left ear, left eye, rectum and sex organ of each animal has been cut away and the blood drained from the carcass, but there is no traces of blood left on the ground and no footprints,” Haskell wrote.

Helicopters and threats

The closest Haskell came to speculating who was perpetrating the cattle mutilations occurred when he wrote that “a helicopter was used by those who mutilated the carcasses of the cattle, and several persons have reported being chased by a similar helicopter.”

Some UFO researchers, of which I am one, speculate that either (1) the cattle mutilations are part of some elaborate top secret Defense Dept. project, (2) the helicopters where there to catch up with the real extraterrestrial perpetrators, (3) they were assisting the extraterrestrials in their work, or (4) they were trying to dispose of the evidence of the mutilations.

Internal FBI memo speaks of threats

In the report, there is also an internal FBI memo mentioning that Dan Edwards, the editor of a local newspaper where the mutilations were taking place, called Haskell stating that he had information “U.S. Army helicopters had been seen in the vicinity “of where some of the cattle were mutilated and that he, Edwards , had been threatened. However, in his letter to the FBI Haskell said he “did not know what sort of threats Edwards had received or by whom.”


Despite numerous pleas from a U.S. Senator and reams of evidence about the cattle mutilations that some locals feared would escalate into “human mutilations,” then FBI Director Clarence Kelley turned down the written and telephone requests for an FBI investigation in a Sept. 13, 1973 letter to Haskell.

“The information set forth in your letter regarding the mutilation of cattle in Colorado and several other Western states and the reported use of an unidentified helicopter by those individuals responsible has been carefully reviewed,” Kelley wrote.

“I regret to inform you that these actions do not constitute a violation of Federal law coming within the FBI’s investigative jurisdiction.”

Kelley then simple kissed off Haskell and the Colorado ranchers with a bureaucratic good luck, even though they appeared to have provided the Bureau with ample evidence that the organized mutilations were being conducted across state lines.

“I hope the investigation currently being conducted by local law enforcement agencies regarding this matter will soon be successfully concluded,” Kelley wrote.

Haskell even threatened to introduce a resolution in the Senate to force the FBI to get involved, only to be told by the agency that he’d actually have to pass a law to make it happen. Haskell backed off at this point because he knew this would be an impossible task.

FBI documents: U.S. Attorney General spooked by cattle mutilations

The cattle mutilations continued and so did other Western senators’ demands for an investigation, FBI documents show.

The grizzly and bizarre cattle mutilations shocked even a hardened prosecutor and former judge Attorney General Griffin Bell under the Carter Administration. When he reviewed a packet of extensive information about cattle mutilations forwarded to him by then New Mexico Sen. Harrison Schmitt, Bell fired off the following letter back to him:

“I must say that the materials sent me indicate the existence of one of the strangest phenomena in my memory,” Bell stated in his letter to Schmitt, who joined a long list of Western senators desperately prodding the FBI to investigate a spate of ongoing cattle mutilations occurring in their states during the 1970s.

Possible Government Cover Up?

Some of the information the former Apollo Astronaut and scientist Sen. Schmitt gave Bell included an investigative piece written by Ed Sanders for Oui Magazine’s September 1976 issue.

In the lengthy article, Sanders questioned a myriad of eyewitnesses including a former intelligence officer and offered several possible explanations for the cattle mutilations. They included: a black-ops biological warfare research-and-development program run by a team of rogue scientists, the possibility that the mutilations were being perpetrated by UFOs and extraterrestrials –or that some sort of satanic cult might be responsible.

No satisfactory closure

Finally in 1979, the FBI caved in because of public pressure and allocated $44,000 to fund an investigation of the cattle mutilation phenomena.

The investigation concluded that the mutilations were mostly the result of the cattle being preyed upon by their natural predators. However, the FBI was forced to admit that at least some of the cases contained anomalies that could not be explained. Unfortunately, the FBI was unable to identify any individuals or groups responsible for the mutilations, nor has the agency been able to stop cattle mutilations that continue to occur to this day.

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