Are Earth’s Governments Colluding with Extraterrestrials?


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Are Aliens Overlooking Humankind to Stage an Eventual Take Over? Art Credit: lextotan

In a world where populism, nationalism and religious conflict seem to be boiling over in a cauldron fueled by anger and want, strange theories abound to explain this ravenous trend. While some experts blame economics, others give credit to a rebirth of a variety of isms that have found a new crop of extra-energized, young devotees with too much time and on their hands.

As a former reporter and UFO researcher, I am about to offer you another theory as to why the world is coming apart like a handcart riding to Hell on a supersonic tram: Extraterrestrials are in the last stages of dividing and conquering planet Earth and the billions of carbon units inhabiting this prime piece of real estate in this cold, vacuous region of galaxy Milky Way.

Softening Us Up for Conquest

You think this sounds crazy? Why in the world would an advanced intelligence extraterrestrial species infiltrate planet Earth in such a slow and clandestine operation? Why not just take it quickly without much fanfare. After all, aren’t these
“Ancient Astronauts” millions of years ahead of us technologically.

Maybe not.

One of the assumptions that people make when it comes to UFOs and aliens, is that they are thousands or maybe even millions of years ahead of us technologically. While that may be a possibility, it could be that these “Ancient Astronauts” are only a few hundred years ahead of us are perhaps 1000 years ahead of us, at the most. If this is the case, then even 100 or 500 years ahead of us technologically would make them appear to be gods in our homo aspens eyes.

Think about it.

Only 100 years ago most men were still walking and riding horses. There was there were no computers. The wall telephone had just come into use. There were no televisions. The world was disconnected. Yes, there was the telegraph, but that was hardly connection of the world as we know it today.
So, if an alien civilization were 200 or 900 years ahead of us technology-wise, it would be the same as if they were 1 million years ahead of us.

Few Hundred Years Ahead Technologically Is Big Deal 

Let’s say for the sake of argument that these meddling aliens are only a few hundred years ahead of us technologically. That means that they probably haven’t broken the speed-of-light barrier — if it can be broken — and are only traveling near or at the speed of light. The significance of this is that it takes them a few years to get to us at least, if they are from a galaxy near the closest star, Alpha Centuri.

Let’s also assume that they come from a planet where things cost money. The main reason humans have backed away from space travel is because of its tremendous cost. It would cost a fortune to send enough aliens to conquer planet Earth. In fact, it may be that the aliens are a dying race that has a sparse population. If this is the case, they are in no position to conquer the world that has more than 7.3 billion Homo sapiens, who are warlike and have the ability to lob nuclear weapons at each other and outsiders. They could only do so with inside help. 

Another possibility is that the aliens are in fact sending out expeditions to probe our weaknesses and gather enough intelligence about our capabilities to eventually conquer us. Such a plan, could take years, decades, even centuries. It all depends on how valuable earth is to the aliens and their view of the universe.

Have Earth’s Ruling Classes Colluded with ET?

There is always speculation that somehow the aliens have conspired with the ruling classes of this world and have come to some type of pact or agreement to allow a certain number of humans to be abducted and exploited for alien reasons in return for superior technology and control granted by these hidden intergalactic overlords. In the end, the Aliens would silently rule a planet whose populace as a whole were unaware of their presence.

Certainly, there are a lot of historic precedents for this model. It is a model used by the Romans; it is a model used by the United States, it is a model used by the British Empire. It could be a model being used by an alien civilization.

One thing is certain: there are many different eyewitnesses and events involving aliens and their UFOs that simply cannot be explained away. They are a phenomena that has been going on for centuries and could be the basis for many secret societies and religions.

The aliens could have been what writers of the Bible described as angels. Aliens could have been leprechauns.  Extraterrestrials could have been giants described so colorfully in the Bible and ancient folklore of many cultures. The Aliens could have been the gods, described by ancient Aztecs and Mayans.

Throughout history and mythology these types of creatures are replete. So, in this modern age, the angels, trolls, dragons, giants, are no longer considered by some as figments of overzealous ancients. Today, some speculate as I do that such visitors from outer space or perhaps from inter space, that is, inter-dimensional. I will explore this possibility in other posts.

I can tell you this; those who come close to uncovering some of these answers claim they are often visited by government agents who warn them to be quiet. Their warnings can be so strong that even hard men have been known to back off. Those who do not, some speculate, end up committing suicide, or found dead in what appears to be a suicide.

In my case, I have discovered that there have been numerous attempts to hack my blog. When I tracked down the IP addresses from where these attacks originated, I was not happy. In fact, I was chilled. It really made me pause and me wonder what I had written that had attracted such much unwanted attention from powers on high.

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