Declassified FBI Documents Reveal Its Interest in UFOs and Ancient Astronaut Theories

petrogliph of ancient astronauts

FBI Spying Report Described Early Ancient Astronaut Theories

FBI Spied on Early UFO Groups

When I stumbled upon this unassuming report in the FBI’s “vault” of declassified top-secret documents describing the spying on an obscure meeting held by a Ufologist more than half a century ago, I wondered why the founding director of the FBI, J. Edgar Hoover, had so much interest in what appeared to be just another group of early flying saucer enthusiasts.

However, when I began to read the detailed account of what the Ufologist, who was being spied on had to say, it piqued my interest. And after a while I began to believe that this lecture to a small group in 1960 was far more significant than it first appeared. After reading the report for the third time, instead of shrugging my shoulders and moving on, I felt a little like somebody who went to a flea market looking for a reproduction of a masterpiece for his living room, only to find an original Rembrandt or a Picasso. That’s because I had chanced upon one of the first historically documented expositions of an “ancient astronaut theory” that had been kept out of public view for decades.

Today, such theories abound in the media; they are embraced by some as a new religion. But in 1960, such an intricate description of ancient astronauts and how they changed our world was pretty much confined to science fiction and a few esoteric volumes not know to the general public. The fact is this report shows that years before Erich von Daniken published his controversial, ancient astronaut blockbuster “Chariots of the Gods” in 1967, someone had already researched and was sharing with others the theory that extraterrestrials had indeed visited us, shaped our world and were still continuing to do so.

The meeting of about 250 people was held at Pipps Auditorium located in City Park Denver. The only details about the speaker revealed in the FBI’s report were that he had been in the “flying game” for more than 30 years, operated a Civil Aeronautics Authority airfield and spent his spare time recruiting others to his UFO group through public talks that drew small crowds of the curious.

Answers Many Questions

It’s my opinion, this FBI report reveals a most concise, authoritative and logical explanation for the origin of UFOS and extraterrestrials. It also explains the reason for their presence now and throughout recorded history, as well as the surprising motivation behind the U.S. government’s virulent disinformation campaign and its iron-fisted policy to keep the reality of UFOs and extraterrestrials a secret.

Catastrophic Polar Shift

The FBI must have been concerned about the Ufologist’s revelations gaining traction because the agent carefully chronicled the demographics of the gathering, “The audience was comprised of a majority of older individuals and also the majority of the audience was female,” the agent wrote. “There were few young people, although some family groups.” This apparently was good news to Hoover. That’s because as history teaches us, no movement can really grow exponentially without the activism of young members.

During a presentation that lasted for several hours, the agent wrote that the Ufologist “gave a lecture that was more of a religious-economics lecture than one of unidentified flying objects.” This seemed to surprise the agent, but the integration of UFOs, the economy and man’s spiritual progress has always been the holistic approach embraced by serious researchers of the subject. However,  before the Ufologist took the holistic approach in his presentation, the agent reported that the mystery man played a 45-minute movie, which included shots of “things purported to be flying saucers, and then a number of interviews from individuals from all walks of life regarding sightings they had made of such unidentified flying objects.”

Ancient Astronaut Theory

Once the credibility of the UFO phenomena and witnesses to them was established, the Ufologist then began his in-depth reveal, telling his flock of curious listeners that ancient astronauts had indeed seeded our planet with many kinds of animals in a Noah’s Ark scenario, which is a story that has been recorded by just about every civilization that ever existed. He said this restocking event had become necessary because of a cataclysmic polar shift that wiped out the dinosaurs.

In my opinion, this part of the Ufologist’s talk gives some credence to many of his claims because it is based in real science. As early as 1872 Charles Etienne Brasseur de Bourbourg, a French scholar and expert in ancient Mexican myths, discovered mention of cataclysmic events in ancient Mesoamerican myths that were sparked by a sudden shifting of the Earth’s axis. Furthermore, in 1948, electrical engineer Hugh Auchincloss Brown hypothesized that there had been a number of catastrophic polar shifts throughout earth’s history triggered by excess accumulation of ice at the poles. In 1950, Russian scholar Immanuel Velikovsky theorized in his book “Worlds in Collision” that the planet Venus originated from Jupiter as a comet and that two near approaches to Earth had created devastating polar shifts. He also based his hypothesis on the accounts in ancient books from various cultures throughout the world. Finally, in 1958 college professor Charles Hapgood wrote a book with a foreword by Albert Einstein called “The Earth’s Shifting Crust” in which he also contended that such radical polar shifts occurred about every 20,000 to 30,000 years.

Although the Ufologist didn’t go into which polar –shifting theory he embraced, he did say that one of these events had made the earth the perfect environment for a colony of male ancient astronauts, who after arriving on our planet soon grew tired of waiting for their female counterparts to arrive from the stars. Perhaps their journey to the third planet from the Sun had been interrupted. So, they decided to mate with “intelligent, upright walking animals, which was the race of Eve.” The intriguing element of this early ancient astronaut scenario is that it backed up in scripture from the Old Testament. In other posts, I will share some of my own research which corroborates what the Ufologist revealed that spring night in 1960.

Here are the original Declassified FBI Documents: 

ufo doc 1


ufo doc 2

ufo doc 3

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