Leaders Believe Alien Technology Would Trigger Earth's Economic Collapse

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Ufologist Contends World Leaders Hide Alien Communication Because Their Technology Would Ruin World Economies, Art Credit: Skylife81

Have World Leaders Kept Communications with Extraterrestrials Secret?

In 1960,  a Ufologist being watched by the FBI,  asserted that the extraterrestrials, who were in fact the ancient astronauts described throughout earth’s myths and religious books, had made contact with world leaders, but that these leaders decided not to divulge this communication. The Ufologist further claimed that officials made a calculated decision not to reveal the extraterrestrials’ presence, not because they feared it would panic the masses, but for other more practical reasons such as a worldwide economic collapse precipitated by alien technology.

“Due to the number of scientific discoveries already made and that will be made [as a direct result of alien technology, which are labor saving and of almost permanency so that replacements would not be needed,”  a declassified report from the FBI quoted him as saying. The Ufologist added that the world economy “would collapse under ideas brought by space people.”

Would Unlimited Free Energy Cause Chaos?

Today, some speculate that extraterrestrial technology would open the door to free and unlimited energy that could be made available with very little effort worldwide. One only has to think about how this would crush the energy industry and all of its horizontal and vertical markets to understand how such a development would be feared and shunned by world governments and the international corporations that support them.

One only has to look at the 20th century genius inventor Nikola Tesla, who died nearly penniless in 1943 to see the corporate world’s resistance to such a reality. During his lifetime Tesla, who invented the wireless radio and scores of other inventions, claimed to have experienced blinding flashes of light after which revolutionary engineering ideas were planted in his mind. One of those ideas was free energy that could be distributed throughout the world wirelessly. Fear of his free-energy vision motivated Westinghouse to offer Tesla a billion dollars to curtail his research. Tesla ripped up the contact, according to published accounts, but was soon totally ostracized by corporate America.

So, it is understandable that our present corporate and oligarch run world governments would do everything in their power to avoid revealing the reality of extraterrestrials or their superior technology. To do so would shake the very foundations of the world’s political and religious institutions. The status quo would be swept away in the twinkling of an eye. A new paradigm would suddenly mushroom that could not be controlled by government or religious leaders.” Oh, the horror, the horror,” would be the chant of the world’s oligarchs and corporate CEOs.

Declassified Handwritten Hoover Note Confirms Existence of Captured UFOs

In summary, this is what I have deciphered out of this FBI report I call the “Ancient Astronaut Papers.” You may find something altogether different. But before we finish on this topic in future posts,  I want to share with you another FBI document I recently discovered in its vault.

It is a handwritten note in which former Director of the FBI, J. Edgar Hoover, confirms the existence of recovered flying discs.

The note was a response by Hoover’s right-hand man and close lifelong friend Clyde Tolson to a July 10, 1947 request by Army Brigadier General George F. Schulgen requesting FBI help “…in locating and questioning individuals who first sighted the so-called flying discs…” This request came just days after the Roswell, New Mexico UFO crash, or crashes, depending upon which declassified documents you wish to believe. But it is Hoover’s response that nails down the fact that he and other leaders of the U.S. intelligence community not only knew of crashed UFOs but were very interested in examining them.

The Memo

Responding to the General’s request for FBI help Tolson wrote in the memo on July 15, “I think we should do this.” Hoover then responded in his own handwriting, “I would do this but before agreeing to it we must insist upon full access to discs recovered. For instance, in the LA. case the Army grabbed it and would not let us have it for cursory examination.”

More Controversy

To me, Hoover’s note appears to be very cut and dry. Hoover agreed to help the Army on the condition that it allowed the FBI full access to the crashed flying discs, which it didn’t in the past. However, as it is with all UFO research, Hoover’s unclear handwriting about which disc he is referring to in the note has sparked controversy. Some researchers interpret his initials differently and believe Hoover was referring to a hoax UFO case that occurred around the same time, while others believe he was referring to the Roswell crash.

However, it is my opinion that the No. 1 man in the FBI would have cared little about examining hoax flying saucers, and in fact, was talking about the Roswell crash or crashes in which the Army whisked all the evidence away before Hoover or anyone from the FBI  could examine them. The fact is that Hoover and all the intelligent community were interested — and are still interested in —  extraterrestrials and their discs. The FBI documents prove it.

Check out the source FBI documents, on which this report is based by simply going to http://vault.fbi.gov/

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