Why The Government Thinks You Can’t Handle The Truth About ETs

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World Governments Cover Up the Truth They Think the Masses Can’t Handle, Art Credit: The Digital Artist

UFOs Crashes Scenes Cordoned Off, Then Covered Up

The government’s massive and heavy-handed disinformation campaign in 1947 after the Roswell, New Mexico UFO crash incident is legend.  But on Dec. 9, 1965, when a UFO crashed in some woods in Kecksburg, Pa., which is located 30 miles southwest of Pittsburgh, the U.S. government once again cranked up its nefarious, cover-up machine.

According to investigations done of the incident by the Sci-fi and History channels, soon after local residents, volunteer firemen and a radio station reporter reached the scene of the UFO crash, the U.S. Army rushed in, corroded off the area and removed all citizens.

But before the Army came onto the scene, eyewitnesses reported seeing a smoldering, acorn-shaped UFO about the size of a Volkswagen Beetle that had strange hieroglyphics etched around its base.

Since then, debunkers and a NASA report have said that what the eyewitnesses really saw that evening was just the remnants of a Soviet Cosmos 96 satellite that fell from the sky.

A Soviet Satellite?

This is why the Army cordoned off the area and quickly removed the debris from the area on a flatbed truck, critics of Kecksburg UFO sighting say. Yet this convenient explanation begs the question of whether eyewitnesses including a reporter would have mistaken Russian letters for strange hieroglyphs.

While some might argue both type of symbols are foreign to Americans, others would point out that eyewitnesses described the markings on the base of the UFO as being similar to Egyptian hieroglyphics – not Russian letters.

Summarily, if it had been only a Russian Cosmos 96 satellite, which is acorn shaped, that crashed into the Kecksburg woods, why did government agents lean so heavily on John Murphy, the reporter and news director of the local radio station WHJB, who witnessed the event?

Before Murphy was about to air a documentary he complied on the UFO incident, he was visited by two government agents, who met with him for about 30 minutes at the station and later in the evening confiscated some of his audio tapes. In addition, a week after the visit, Murphy complained that all of the witnesses he had interviewed called him asking that their interviews not be aired.

Murphy did eventually air the documentary, but it was entirely different than the original, according to some who knew him. After the airing, Murphy reportedly became despondent and refused to talk about the incident again. He left the station and moved to California.

In 1969, Murphy was killed in a hit-and-run accident in California when attempting to cross a street.

Why is that so many UFO investigators meet their demise is such accidents or suicides? Why is it that the governments of the world collectively and sometimes in harmony do everything within their powers to suppress the reality of UFOs and extraterrestrials?

Perhaps there are good reasons. Consider this:

Uninvited Guests

For a moment let’s pretend what I am about to tell you is reality and not the warped unsubstantiated delusion of some mental patient or cracked-pot UFO researcher.

And if you have a problem with that — then be a good sport and at least read this like a good fiction tale and suspend your disbelief for just the time it takes you to digest my opening gamut.

A shock wave to civilization as we know it

Near the end of World War II it became apparent to the leadership of the United States, Britain and the then Soviet Union that their pilots were being observed, engaged and even in a few cases attacked by strange crafts capable of flying thousands of miles per hour, then stopping on a dime and maneuvering like a beam of light.

Unfortunately, in recent encounters these so-called “Foo Fighters”  are also capable of totally incapacitating our weapons and disappearing from our radar and our sight in a twinkling of an eye.

Grim Starling Reality

Whether it was mankind’s introduction of atomic weaponry to the theater of war, or whether the time just suited these visitors from parts unknown to show themselves, they systematically demonstrated to us they could destroy our planes at will, and could just disarm us if they chose to.

Once the gravity of this situation began to sink into the heads of world leaders like England’s Prime Minister Winston Churchill and U.S. President Dwight Eisenhower, they vigorously debated about how they would, or would not, break this grim and startling news to their already war-weary people.

According to recently declassified documents from UK’s Department of Defence, Churchill convinced Eisenhower that to disclose such information would destroy the very foundations of our countries and world’s civilizations, including its religions and social order.

He and others pointed to the madness, panic and suicides that occurred during and after a young radio producer named Orson Welles when he conducted a mock invasion from Mars in his 8 p.m. radio broadcast on Oct. 30, 1938. The show based on H.G. Wells “War of the Worlds” turned the streets of New Jersey and other places into mayhem as people tuned into the fictional depiction of an outer space invasion in the middle of the program – not realizing that it was just a dramatization.

The world leaders reasoned, and probably correctly, that if the common man suddenly became aware that (1) we are not alone and (2) this technologically superior invaders of our air space were not necessarily friendly – then the top could blow off of civilization as we know it like a manhole pushed into high into the sky by an underground explosion.

Thus, both men and their governments decided they would go to any lengths necessary to keep this starling news a secret — more secret than any secret had ever been kept before.

As a former news reporter and student of human nature, I honestly cannot disagree with their decision to do so. It could be that by keeping the wraps on this development they gave us enough time to build some sort of counter strategy to defend ourselves from these uninvited visitors. It also gave the populace enough time to digest the idea that there are “others” after being inundated with carefully crafted science fiction media and an occasional mild UFO incident that government censors hand pick to release for public consumption.

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