Documented Voodoo Resurrection & Big Foot Tribe Discovered


Tribe of Big Foots Found in Malaya? Art Credit: Chet Dembeck

Voodoo Resurrection

Stories of Voodoo resurrections fill horror novels and movies, but are they just myths or are they based on true accounts? Here is account that had enough credibility to be published in the New York Times on Feb. 28, 1909:

It seems a foreigner and his wife lived in Haiti for a few years, when suddenly the man became severely ill for no apparent reason. Although the island’s battery of doctors attended the man, his health continued to worsen. Finally, a priest was called and the man died in his presence and was buried soon after by his grieving wife.

A Strange Ceremony In The Woods

A few days later a mail carrier — not on his regular route — got behind with his deliveries and was working after dark when he stumbled upon a dozen Haitian men in the middle of a forest performing some sort of ceremony around a fire. As soon as they saw him, they immediately rushed him with ill intend, but were summarily scared off when the mail carrier fired a few shots from his revolver over their heads.

Here, according to the New York Times is what happened next:

“A long moan, as of someone in moral agony, fell upon his ear. Snatching up a burning cedar branch from the fire, the mail carrier looked all about him, and the mystery of the moans at last was quickly explained. Not twenty feet from the fire and facing it he saw a man dressed in garment of the grave tied to a tree and gagged. ”

Not the Same

If you haven’t guessed by now, the man tied to the tree was the same foreigner who had died and been buried by his wife only a few days before.When he was returned to his wife at first there was jubilation and spontaneous thanking Almighty God and all of His angels, but the joy soon turned into horror.

The man no longer knew who he was — apparently — because he had ceased to speak English. Instead, he yelped like a wild animal, wide-eyed, incoherent– only chanting some strange gibberish.

The man was thus committed to a mental institution for the rest of his life.

The authorities explained the strange case by saying the man’s food had been poisoned by a Voodoo practitioner. They concluded that the man had really never died — but was under the spell of the strange herbs that made him appear to be deceased. Once he was buried, it was simple for the Voodoo priest’s followers to dig him up, revive him, prepare him for sacrifice and then make him their feast.

But some on the island do not believe this explanation; they believe there was another reason the man was tied to a tree: He had been resurrected by the Voodoo priest and was about to join the ranks as the priest’s newest zombie!

While zombies can be illusive, there is no creature as shy as the legendary as “Big Foot,” which some cryptozoologists believe could be a surviving tribe of neanderthals. One such case has been documented in Malaysia.

Lost Tribe of Neanderthals Discovered in Malaya?

In 1952, workers on the edge of a Malayan jungle reported sighting three strange what they described as half-ape-like creatures sporting fangs and a strong stench.

According to the Washington Post, the “missing link” creatures were attracted by tapioca patches, which they found irresistible.  At first, the workers ran and some even fainted when the creatures appeared, but once the natives discovered the creatures were good-natured and even friendly, they began to closely examine them.

Hairy Aborigines

Some local experts speculated that the hairy trio – two males and a female — were descendants of hairy aborigines that local legends say once roamed the area in prehistoric times. Others even asserted that they were in fact a lost tribe of Neanderthals, who survived by living in the dense uncharted jungles of the country.

However, the Post reports that Chinese workers from a nearby rubber plantation called the creatures “vampires” and contended the creatures could make themselves invisible at will.

Scientists interviewing eyewitnesses say the fact that the creatures had light skin supports the theory that they have been living for generations in the dark shade of the country’s jungle wilderness. Eyewitnesses also reported that the creatures spoke an unknown language that was made up of a series of guttural sounds.

Strange encounter

One worker reported that while bending over a rubber tree she suddenly felt a hairy hand tap her shoulder. It turned out to be a female creature, who supposedly laughed as the woman literally ran out of her clothes and jumped into a nearby stream.

Wong Ah Mooi described a woman with long, black matted hair down to her waist and long teeth. She also said that the creature’s skin was quite fair and that she wore yellow bark for clothing. Ah Mooi added that the creature spoke “in a funny language which sounded like a bird croaking.”

The Associated Press, which also reported on the sighting of the strange creatures, said eyewitnesses said the male ape-like creatures had long mustaches extending to their waists and that all three wore loin cloths. In addition, each of them was armed with a long curved knife. The creatures bolted and quickly disappeared into the thick jungle as soon a local armed troops descended upon the area never to be seen since.

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