Strange Stick-Men Creatures Came Climbing Through My Window

stick man creatures

Strange Stick-Men Creatures that Resembled Skeletons Tried to Climb Through My Bedroom Window Art Credit: Unknown

When you really begin to research unknown phenomena, you soon discover two things: Many of those who call themselves researchers approach the subject in an entirely, sensational and emotional way that tends to discredit their conclusions among the general populace, but endears them to their devoted followers, who like, or even seek, wild, unproven alien abduction stories and theories.The second thing you find out is that you cannot really pigeon hole many cases into one category. What appears at first to be an event involving a UFO and/or an extraterrestrial being can easily morph into a paranormal apparition, an explainable natural occurrence,  or a common hoax upon closer examination.

Visit from Unknown Entities 

I haven’t had a lot of paranormal or extraterrestrial entity experiences in my life, but I have had a few memorable incidents. The most recent one occurred about two  years ago on a cold winter’s night.

I was awakened in the middle of the night by scratching at my window, which is on the second floor of my house. The next thing I saw totally startled me to the point that even though I was half asleep my adrenaline flowed through my veins as though I had just been stabbed with a knife. Trying to pull themselves through my window were two stick- like figures that appeared to me at first to be slender teenagers. But upon closer examination, they almost seemed like pale skeletons – certainly not human beings.

I couldn’t believe what my eyes saw. At first, I wondered how these, what appeared to be at first glance, young burglars managed to get into my second story window. Did they have a ladder? But as I began to see how strange they appeared and realized they weren’t human, I jumped out of bed and ran toward the window to push them back by beating them with my fists, which were clenched. They repulsed me that much!

Fighting for My Life 

I ran over to where they were and began swinging at them wildly, only to see them look up at me with what appeared to be surprise. Within seconds they vanished into thin air as my fist banged up against a closed window. I was shouting at the top of my lungs, which startled and woke up my wife, who had fallen asleep downstairs while watching TV. She began screaming, asking me what was the matter and if I was okay?

I stood there for a second stunned, while my heart pounded and my senses became super alert. What had just happened, I asked myself? I gathered myself and met my wife in the hallway as she was coming up the stairs.

“I’ve never heard you scream like that,” she said.

And, truthfully, I never had before. It came involuntarily from the depths of my primal instincts that told me I was about to engage in a fight for my life. As I tried to explain to her what I saw, I couldn’t shake how real it all was. Their presence still permeated the air. I stayed up until dawn that evening, and then finally crashed in my bed for about 3 hours sleep.

Carefully Considered Possible Causes

When I awoke, I was still pretty shaken up and began to wonder if these stick-men creatures would pay me a return visit that night. I racked my brain trying to figure out what they could have been. Maybe I was hallucinating? If I was, it would have been the first time in my life. Perhaps I was just dreaming and walking in my sleep. Again, not likely. I have never sleep walked and when I tried to recreate my jumping out of my high bed with one motion as I did the night before, I found it difficult and a move that required me being fully awake. So, the terror they created in me, made me stronger and more limber than usual.

Finally, the more I thought about it, the more I realized that the vibes I got from these creatures was threatening, sneaky and not benign in any way. Therefore, I concluded that they definitively were not the friendly Grey extraterrestrials that have become the staple and alien stereotype so prevalent in the UFO community.

Old Radio from Goodwill

I then began to think if there had been any changes in our house recently that might bring such creatures in my bedroom window. It was then that I remembered my daughter had bought me an old tube table radio she found at our local Goodwill store just the day before. I then began to consider if these things were somehow attached to the old radio. I immediately went downstairs and located the tabletop radio, which I found had been placed on our kitchen counter that was directly below my bedroom. I told my wife about this strange coincidence, who immediately called my daughter.

My daughter came in a few hours and took the radio away and disposed of it in a shopping center dumpster. Since then, I have not had a visit from these stick-men creatures, but who can say what these dark entities were, where they came from, or if they will eventually return.

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© 2018 Chet Dembeck


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