When Real Demons Attack Real People


Personal Experience: The Succubus

As a lonely adolescent struggling through puberty, I had sexual fantasies of making love with strange and exotic women.

There were times when I was so lonely I would imagine offering to make a pact with the devil, as written about in old stories, to have one of the buxom beauties I peeked at in someone else’s Playboy and Hustler magazines knock on my bedroom door in the middle of the night, or when my parents weren’t at home.

At the time, it seemed like a fantasy, but as I grew older and began to understand the nature of the unseen world, I realized that by entertaining such thoughts I had unknowingly opened myself up to dark forces, which would plague me later in life.

When I was a man, before I had my first encounter with a succubus, I was a regional sales manager with a large consumer electronics firm and traveled out of town 4 days a week.

Lonely Existence

Sleeping in strange hotel rooms was an unpleasant and lonely experience, but one night that all changed as I was falling asleep.

Dozing off, I felt someone get into my bed. Without warning whoever or whatever it was started aggressively stoking the private parts of my body. At first, I thought I was dreaming, but as I opened my eyes I saw what appeared to be a young, exotic-looking female with a dark complexion and bright red lips, who appeared human except for here unexplained presence.

She mounted me with fury and at first, I have to admit, the experience was erotic.  But that soon changed as she rode me so hard that she almost broke my manhood with her rough moves. I then noticed that her teeth were more like fangs. Her guttural voice, and the profanity and outright blasphemies she hurled at me, were anything but friendly. In fact, they were threatening and downright murderous. It was as though she used her sex to get me to lower my guard so she could viciously destroy me,  body and soul. She made that clear in the lowest of street vernacular.

Attack Begins

The creature than began to bite me in the most sensitive places and it felt like she had drawn blood. At this time, it laid its body on my chest and began to embrace me in a tight bear hug, which made my chest feel like it was about to cave in. It was at this time that I smelt the foul stench of the creature’s breath and saw up close the hatred in its eyes, as it was attempting to smother me to death.

Instinctively, I began to cry out in prayer and recite all of the prayers I ever learned in my Catholic childhood. Frankly, I was begging for Jesus Christ to deliver me from this foul creature, which cursed hysterically at the mention of his name.

Finally, she loosened her grip and got up from me — but not without cursing me and promising to take revenge on me sometime in the near future.

I lie there stunned and wet with perspiration as I tried to tell myself I was only dreaming. But my goose flesh and fear of falling asleep told me differently. For the next couple of hours I continued to recite every prayer I had been taught over and over until I finally fell asleep.

It wasn’t until several days later through research that I discovered I had been visited and attacked by a Succubus. These are female demons that have been reported for centuries tormenting or attacking monks and priests in an attempt make them break  their vow of chastity. While I would have laughed at such a notion one time in my worldly life, my personal experiences has turned me into a true believer of such demons dispatched from Hell to destroy humankind.

Second Attack

This is not the only kind of demonic creature that has visited me at night while on the road. One night when staying in a motel on the South Jersey shore, I was half asleep when a small but vicious creature jumped on top of me and began biting and scratching at my genitals. The attack was so sudden and aggressive, by the time I reacted, the shadow-like creature scurried out of my bed and appeared to leap into the wall.

I jumped out of bed and immediately turned on the light expecting to find myself soaked in blood and bitten in all of the most sensitive places, only to find myself whole –but soaked in sweat.

Again, only after having experiencing this kind of attack did I research it and find that others throughout the centuries have been tormented from time to time by these quick, demonic hit-and-run artists.

Such an attack is believed by some in the UFO community to be that of extraterrestrial aliens or creatures from other dimensions. To me, it doesn’t matter what you call them, or where they come from.  All I can attest to is that to experience such a biting and clawing attack leaves a lasting impression and realization that there is much more to reality than the meets the natural eye.

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© 2018 Chet Dembeck

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