Some Demons Target and Torment Children


dark creature

A Creature of the Night that Terrorizes Children, Art Credit: Chet Dembeck

A First-Person Experience of Being Harassed by Evil

When I was only four years old, I woke up one Sunday morning and immediately noticed the swarm of what appeared to be little dark pinpoints circling my room like an army of swirling gnats.

At first, I rubbed my eyes in disbelief, but as I lie in my bed I watched the swirling swarms go from corner to corner of the room’s ceiling, ending their pattern with an ever-closer swoop toward my head. It was as though they were testing how close they could get to me without being stopped by some invisible force.

As the swarm of blackness came closer, I became terrified and ran into my mother and father’s bedroom, where they were still asleep. To my horror, the swarm had followed me and appeared to become even more aggressive. As I shook his mother awake and tried to get her to look, my heart sank as her sleep-filled eyes could not see the black pests who threatened me.

“You’re just imagining things,” she assured me, as she tried to calm me down.

But I continued to be tormented by the swarm and could only escape them when I shut my eyes tightly.

They Delight in Targeting Children and the Innocent

This was my first experience with raw evil. It was also the first time I realized that most people including my parents were blind to these unseen creatures that tormented me. After repeating what I saw a few times and observing the fearful and negative response of my parents, I decided to keep the encounters to myself.

While the swarms soon disappeared, I began to encounter even stranger experiences and creatures in the late hours of the night. There were times when a small round light appeared on the ceiling of my bedroom that slowly grew large enough to envelop my entire body in a white, cold light. The light was piercingly cold, but I could not move away from it because it paralyzed me.

Accompanying the cold light, I felt an unfriendly and even malicious force fill my bedroom. I felt like I was being violated or that something was being taken from me that I didn’t understand. The experience was like being touched by a thousand unseen needles that were probing every nook and cranny of my body and mind.

But perhaps the most disturbing part of these experiences with the cold light was the utter hopelessness and terror that filled my mind during such encounters. It was a feeling of murderous rage directed at me a young and innocent child – and I sensed it would swallow me whole if it could.

But for some unknown reason it couldn’t.

snow angel by ced_pe_pe

Protected and Saved by Guardian Angels, Photo Credit: Chet Dembeck

I’ve have come to believe, as you will see as you read this account, that that reason it couldn’t was guardian angels that also showed their presence early in my life. I call them angels for want of a better word. I believe they are the good agents of a real but unseen spiritual world who counter the evil creatures who have but one motive: to totally destroy and devour all of us one by one.

A Host of Dark Creatures

In addition to the cold, evil light, when I was about 10 years old I was terrorized by another dark creature that would invade my room in the middle of the night and stand over my bed. It would awake me by softly touching my face with its hairy hand.

At these moments, my heart would freeze as would my voice as I tried to scream for help but could only manage a weak whisper. When I opened my eyes I beheld an ape-like creature with large yellow eyes that grinned at me with a hideously large mouth filled with glistening, canine teeth. It would stand there salivating over me, but again, something kept it from tearing me to shreds.

Now, before you think of me crazy or a severely disturbed person, let me say that I am not and wasn’t as a child. I lived a perfectly normal life, had friends, and played, went to school and church and completed my assigned chores. I kept these experiences to myself, and being raised in the Roman Catholic Church, I began to pray regularly to Jesus, Mary and to the Saints that caught my fancy.

A Circle of Protection

As I grew older, these visits from these evil creatures grew less frequent to the point that as an adult, they have only occurred a few times every decade. When they do occur, they still freak me out, but my circle of protection has increased and their are nights when I feel the presence of many angels guarding my bedroom and entire household. This legion from God began to increase as I followed a calling of the Lord. Now, if that sounds preachy, it is not meant to. I have been a sinful man, but there came a time when I renounced this life and turned to the Light. That was the day my protection from dark creatures increased and I began to understand the meaning of the word peace and gratitude.

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