Flaming Hand That Fell From Sky Baffles Scientists

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UFO Epidemic Throughout History, Art Credit: Christian Plass

Imagine sighting a flaming object in the sky, following its path and then discovering a burning object that resembles a human hand — fingernails still intact. That is exactly what Henry Prantl, a farmer from Baksville, Calif., reported happening to him.

“The hand shot from the sky with a great white light, ” Pranlt told the Chicago Ill. The Day Book in its June 2, 1916 edition. “The object was sizzling hot and did not cool for hours.”

According to the article, several scientists, who gave their opinions about the object, ruled out it being a meteorite because of its composition and its light weight.

Strange Alien Hand? 

However, what really makes this incident truly weird and unexplained is that the farmer and others who closely examined the object gave it the following description:

“The object resembles a hand of a human burned off at the wrist. The thumb and the little finger are unusually long and there are nails on some of the fingers.”

Tantalizing Unanswered Questions 

What is incredibly interesting about this occurrence is the fact that the recovered hand, while appearing human, only had four fingers, which where longer than normal. This description is similar of  those of Roswell, New Mexico witnesses, who said that the alleged extraterrestrials recovered from the famous alleged 1947 UFO crash also had four long fingers.

The fact that witnesses in the “flaming hand” event said the object still had the remnants of fingernails, eliminates the possibility that what the farmer found was merely a meteorite naturally shaped like a hand.

But, as is often the case in such stories reported in the early 20Th Century, there is no follow-up story, so we can only speculate what ultimately happened to the hand and the farmer. While one could imagine a UFO mid-air collision or some UFO malfunction could have been behind the flaming hand that ended up falling on Prantl’s farm,  there could also have been a more earthly and grisly explanation to the event.

The object fell to earth only a month after the farmer’s son had passed away. This was mentioned in one brief sentence in the article. Although  there is absolutely no reason to believe there was any foul play involving the farmer and his son, some observers of a more cynical nature might say the hand could of been the remains of the farmer’s son.

Flaming hand

Chicago Ill. The Day Book in its June 2, 1916 edition.

Another Farmer’s Strange UFO Encounter

As is usually the case, most of the 2,000 UFO documents archived by the New Zealand Ministry of Defence show little evidence of real UFOs, or close encounters of the third kind. Most of them are reports of explainable natural or man-made phenomena, or the testimonies and opinions of individuals — to put it kindly — who are not living in reality.

However, the declassified statement and sketches of Mrs. P.E. Moreland, a farmer, are part of the 1 percent of UFO reports that are credible and unexplainable. In her two-page statement to the New Zealand Ministry of Defence she relives a classic case of an encounter with two humanoid creatures and their strange craft that hovered near her cow shed on the morning of July 13, 1952.

Here is what she claimed to witness that evening:

“The object appeared to be coming down, and then it sort of stopped, and I could see fiery orange jets round the outside edge,” she wrote in her eyewitness account. “They went round and round, and they seemed to be rotating opposite ways, and were traveling at a very high speed, but appeared to slow down when the object stopped.”

The saucer-shaped object then emitted a green light over a 50-yard area, which caused Moreland to hide behind some pine trees.

“From where I stood under the trees I could see this glassy cowl over the top and I could also see two men in it. The rear one stood up and appeared to lean forward and rest his hands on a table, and appeared to be looking down between his legs,” Moreland wrote. “After a second or two he sat back and the machine tilted and the orange lights stopped whirling. The men appeared to be encased in slivery shiny suits from the waist upwards when they were sitting. Their headgear seemed to be like divers’ helmets which glittered very brightly. They appeared to be normal sized people. One of the men never moved at all. I could not see that they were carrying on a conversation at all.”

Moreland added that the disc was hovering about 15 feet from the ground.

“Then with a high-pitched whistle it took off straight up into the sky and disappeared,” she wrote.

Moreland also described the air around the sighting after the event as smelling like pepper., which is a common experience in close encounters of the third kind.

New Zealand Declassified Report Confirms UFO Buzzed Christchurch Airport

In another New Zealand case, a bright pulsating, orange UFO reportedly buzzed Christchurch Airport the night of  Jan. 26, 1982, according to declassified documents released by the New Zealand Ministry of Defence.

This is just one of many sightings documented in the  more than 2,000 pages of declassified eyewitness UFO sightings that occurred in New Zealand that were reported from early the 1950s until 2010.

The UFO was witnessed buzzing the airport for 14 minutes by four airport cargo loaders, Lindsey Squire, Gerald Coward, Bob Mulholland and Stuart McConnell. They witnessed the event soon after they reported for work at 4 .a,.

Eyewitness Coward described unknown object as circular with a white center with a pulsating orange ring enclosing it. He and his fellow workers, who said they have seen a variety of aircraft and natural objects were convinced this UFO was something quite out of the ordinary.

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