Horrific Alien Abduction Account

green alien

Alien Abduction, Art Credit: Lion Five

Horrific Alien Abduction Account

Here is a first-person alien abduction account sent to me by someone who only identifies themselves as “Walrus.” I found it interesting:

No Beginning No End

“Think of your life, your past, present, future, your eternity as a frozen moment that stretches as far as the eye can see in all directions. No limits, yet compacted in the now and the forever – no beginning, no end.

That’s what it’s like to be with them.

They caress you with their cold, probing thoughts that make you think you’re ok, but somewhere in the depths of your soul, and they bring that essence front and center, you know it’s a lie. Then they show you in an instant all your experiences, hopes, dreams and their outcomes, your misguided motives and notions crumble like sand as your soul bleeds and regrets what could have, should have been — but wasn’t because of your selfishness and distorted, puny vision.

Then one of the visitors tells you in your mind that it’s time for you to go home, and that you won’t remember the incident.

And you don’t for many weeks or maybe months. But then one day when you least expect it the full revelation of your experience with them comes rushing in when you’re in a middle of a sentence with some friend or colleague at lunch – and you have to excuse yourself and run to the bathroom and puke your guts out – praying that the thoughts and visions will go away – or that you will awaken from this really bad, bad dream.

I am Walrus.

That’s what I will call myself, if you happen to read this. I call myself Walrus because it was when listening to that 1967 Beatles tune one night as I was falling asleep that they first came and abducted me. I was only 20 years old.

I was in that twilight period just before nodding off to sleep when my body was paralyzed and my mind was shooting out a thousand different images, when a small, frail human-like creature appeared at the side of my bed — and extending its tingling hand touched my forehead.

I floated out of bed and saw that there were three of them — each touching a part of my body that should never be touched without permission. Yes, they are quite sexual in their presence, but at the moment it seems natural and not threatening – almost part of being drawn into them, coming under their power – as it were.

They took me to a bright place that smelled like burnt rubber and metal where they steadfastly poked and primed and penetrated all the orifices of my body with needle-like instruments, as I tried to fight them in vain. They lay their small lily-colored hands all over my body and extracted body fluids from me until I screamed a blood-curdling scream that sounded more like a tortured dog than me. They paused and in unison looked at me curiously and blinked.

That is when this thought crowded out all others in my frantic mind, “Be at peace; we mean you no harm. We will be finished soon, and you will go home.”

The overpowering thought calmed me down as a whirling instrument suddenly entered my left nostril and felt like it was probing the frontal lobe of my brain.”

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