Prospector Burned After Encounter with UFOs in Canadian Wilderness

canadian ufo case 1

On May 19, 1967, a Canadian man prospecting alone at Falcon Lake, Manitoba said that he encountered two UFOs, with one actually landing a few hundred feet from him, emitting a bright yellowish-blue light.

Stephen Michalak reported that he then approached the UFO and watched as a side door opened. Michalak, who felt he was in a dream, then tried to communicate with the voices he heard coming from the craft. He could not see who or what was in the vehicle because it emitted a bright, blinding light. But as Michalak reached out to touch the object with his gloved hand the UFO made a whining sound and abruptly took off.

Royal Canadian Mounted Police Documents

I have obtained records from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (see below) that describe and confirm the severe burns Michalak suffered on his stomach and chest when the vehicle suddenly ascended into the night. Michalak’s hat and clothes were also badly scorched.

When Michalak reached his home, he son immediately rushed him to the hospital. Michalak was hospitalized as a result of the burns. The second official document plainly states:Both “investigation teams were unable to provide evidence which would dispute Mr. Michalak’s story.”

Of course, the weak point of this case is that Michalak was alone when this alleged event occurred. But the fact remains that he was badly burned and he gained nothing but ridicule for reporting the incident.

Here are copies of the official Royal Canadian Mounted Police documents regarding this incident:

canadian ufo case 2


canadian ufo case 3

Canadian Mounted Police Reports UFO with Spokes Crashed Into Clan Lake

Here’s another Canadian UFO case documented by the  Royal Canadian Mounted Police. This report tells of a UFO crashing into Clan Lake located in its remote Northwest Territories, which was witnessed by two campers. The incident occurred on June 22, 1960 at about 6 p.m. when private pilot Wardair Otter dropped off the two sportsman, who planned to camp out and fish in the secluded wilderness and whose names are blotted out in the report.

Loud Noise from Above

After being their only 20 minutes and while they were setting up camp, the two eyewitnesses heard a loud noise coming from above, which sounded similar to an airplane. But as the noise began to roar, they saw a strange object fall from the sky and crash into the lake.

“I then heard something strike the water and when I turned around I saw a splash and what appeared to be some object with arms or spokes rotating in the water,” one of the campers told the police. “The object was rotating very rapidly and throwing water.”

The force of the UFO’s impact caused a backwash in the lake that traveled about 1700 feet, according to the eyewitnesses.

UFO Cuts a Trail through Bush

Once they gathered their wits, the campers ran to the spot of the crash only to find that the UFO had burned a 20 foot by 60 foot swath through the thick reeds. They then got in their canoe and tried to locate the exact spot where they had seen the UFO enter the lake. Although they searched for the object they could not locate it because the lake was muddy as a result of the object hitting its bottom.

The police officer who responded and went to the scene was convinced that something had happened because of the burnt reeds and the fact that the lake had lost about a foot of its water from the impact of the UFO. He was also impressed with the veracity of the witnesses. The officer and his superiors quickly realized this incident could be of a threat to national security, so they promptly handed it off to the Canadian Department of National Defense.

Not to Worry — Just a Meteorite?

As so often happens in these sort of encounters of the third kind, Canada’s Defense Dept. decided that since there were no known space objects such as satellites entering earth’s atmosphere at this location during the time that the UFO crashed into the lake, it had to be a meteorite. This despite the eyewitness accounts of a spoked object.

No team of investigators was dispatched and the official investigation was closed.

Here is a copy of one of the declassified documents related to this case: 

canadian ufo case 4

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