3 Recent UFO Close Encounters Documented by UK Ministry of Defence

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Documented UFO Cases in the United Kingdom, Art Credit: Tom Bud

Documented UFO and alien encounter cases in the United Kingdom are replete. Here are three cases I found interesting because of their physical evidence being documented and the quality of their eyewitness accounts. You can view the latest UFO reports released by the UK’s Ministry of Defence(MOD);  however, unlike the United States, MOD charges a fee to download the public domain documents.

Boys Narrowly Escape Alien Abduction

When two British boys felt intense heat coming from the sky, they investigated and found a UFO hovering about “four houses high” in the sky, according to the newly de-classified documents recently released by the United Kingdom’s Ministry of Defence. What happened next to the boys on May 4, 1995 in Chasetown, Staffordshire left a lasting and terrifying impression on them.

As they gazed at the craft, a creature with what they described as having a “lemon-shaped head” and a vein-filled neck and face issued the following order: “We want you; come with us.”

At this, one of the boys said he turned to his friend and told him to run, which they both did as fast as they could. As they turned their heads to see if the creature and the UFO were pursuing them, they saw the craft ascend at a great speed and simply disappear.

UFO Burns Large Hole in Railway Car

On the evening of July 15, 1996 a young man living in West Drayton, West of London, experienced an extreme UFO encounter that left hard physical evidence, according to UK Ministry of Defence documents.

The young man, whose name as well as all of the other subjects in the newly declassified reports is redacted, went home and gave his at first incredulous father the following account:

At 2:30 am while walking over the New Foot Bridge, which goes over from Avondale Drive into Upton, the young man spotted a very bright yellow light hovering about two houses high suddenly appear a short distance from him.

He immediately turned around to escape the light and it began following him, which caused him to run.

When he looked back, he saw the UFO hovering over the nearby cemetery. The young man said it made a “high-pitched sound like cats wailing.”

He then saw beams of lights come out of the light striking the ground. After he made it home, he excitedly told his father what he had seen, who finally believed him and went back to the area with his son.

When they made it back to the area, the UFO was no longer there. But, when they found the location where the light beams hit, they found that there was a railway sleeper car, which had a 4-inch diameter hole burnt into it.

When police investigated the officer confirmed the newly burned hole in a smoldering railway car and concluded that “there does not appear to be any trace of any accelerant.”

The officer who wrote the report added: “[redacted name] appears to be a sensible sort of lad and genuine.”

UFO Drops Off Visitor

At 3 a.m. in the morning on July 31, 1996 a man and his two friends were driving in his car in Hayes, Middlesex when suddenly a UFO with a “big white blue light” appeared out of nowhere.

According to the official report, one of the witnesses in the car said the UFO made a “humming noise,” while another said it was silent. Witnesses also said the UFO came as close as 15 feet from the ground.

They added that when the UFO came to a bridge it descended as though it was about to land. Instead, the craft let off a passenger and then quickly flew away.  Finally, the witnesses also reported there was “a time loss,” a common occurrence in encounters of the third kind.

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