Telling the Truth Is Not Easy

ocean sunrise abstract

Can I handle the Truth? Can You? Art Credit: Chet Dembeck

It is not impossible to tell the truth to yourself, but it is not a pleasant experience – and to dare try and tell the truth to others is to guarantee being ostracized, ridiculed or being told you are negatively insane and need therapy and/or a slew of the latest, greatest anti- depressive drugs.Here is a sampling of the truth that is in most human beings: You know right from wrong. You know there is something greater than yourself, but you don’t know exactly what that something is and how you fit into its plan, or even if it has a plan.

Tried Many Religions

For decades I tried on many religions, philosophies and isms, only to realize they were but mere imitations, or even frauds that a handful of clever or crazy men throughout the ages made up to explain the unexplainable.

The truth is that we all yearn to live forever, but in reality we are dying the day we are born. We will all die and be replaced by another crop of humans who run about thinking they have answers to unsolvable mysteries.

We dance on this earth for a short while and most of us waste our lives chasing illusions and other people’s visions.  It sad to think that what Thoreau said was true that “the mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.”

My own desperation has been somewhat quiet except from the many lost battles  I mounted against the lies others tell me and I still continue to tell myself. Here is my truth: Love is a blast of liquid warm that connects you with another that feels the same magic. 

I don’t call telling the truth being negative or being cynical. It is simply saying what I see, not what others want me to see.

You want to know how life really is?

I’ll tell you.

No. 1

I’m No. 1 – Art Credit: Chet Dembeck

 Looking for a Miracle

Life is everybody looking for a miracle.

Life is everybody looking for Jesus Christ’s seven loaves of bread that can feed them for a lifetime. Life is like hoping that you never have to pay a price that the other guy pays it for you. That’s why so many politicians do so very well for themselves. They are today’s Messiahs. They promise to give us all something for nothing. And something for nothing is exactly what most people want.

From the time of Julius Caesar, who raided the treasury to pay his friends, who conquered foreign lands and shipped the booty back to his friends after he took his major portion. That’s how the political world works. That’s how the real world works. It’s not about what’s right or wrong. Its about the strong taking from the weak. The technologically advanced civilizations taking from the primitive societies. You help me; I help you, or maybe I  exploit you or make you pay tribute to me. The problem is it’s always a race to the top of the pyramid. And there’s only a little space for very few people on the tip of that pointy pyramid. The rest are forgotten in the great suffering of humankind we call the world.

A Pyramid of Exploitation?

Sorry, but that’s the way I see the truth today. Maybe tomorrow I will have some kind of spiritual awakening that will take the edge off. One can only hope. See, I am being dishonest now.

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© 2018 Chet Dembeck

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