New Discoveries about Roswell’s UFO Hieroglyphs

sketch of marcel's i-beam as descrbed by him

Sketch of the Symbols Described by Jesse Marcel on Roswell UFO’s i-beam

Roswell UFO hieroglyphs impossible to explain away

When it comes to UFOs, I am skeptical about 98% of the so-called sightings.

That’s because most of them amount to nothing more than fuzzy photos of mistaken helicopters, birds, drones, balloons or  airplanes.

marcells notebook

Marcel’s notebook where he copied the Roswell hieroglyphs.

However, there are a few that I find compelling and unexplainable mostly due to one little detail lacking in 98% of the rest: a visible insignia or hieroglyphs. While the famous Roswell UFO case has been beaten into the ground with coverage — much of it pure unfounded sensationalism — there is a least one aspect of the case that I believe sets it apart from the phonies and gives it some credibility.

That piece of evidence is not the so-called rumors of dead alien bodies. Instead it is the strange hieroglyphs the late Dr. Jesse Marcel first copied onto a piece of paper from those he saw etched in the i-beams taken from the scene of the UFO crash site in Roswell, New Mexico, where his father had brought him soon after the event in 1947.


Photographs of electron clouds

After looking at them closely, some experts in quantum physics have come to realize that some of the symbols on the wreckage of the alleged UFO have an uncanny resemblance to electron clouds. If  you think Marcel was being clever and copying them in order to make his story more credible, you must remember that in 1947 such electron clouds were only a mere theory and not actually been seen or verified by an electronic microscope.

If you compare Marcel’s drawings with an actual photos of electron clouds (also illustrated above), there can be little doubt the visitors who crashed at Roswell were using such universal symbols to communicate with other intelligent beings.

In 1964, New Mexico Patrolman Lonnie Zamora was chasing a teenage speeder when he abandoned the chase after hearing what he thought was an explosion.

UFO insignia witnessed by New Mexico patrolman

As he veered off the road toward the sound he allegedly spotted a UFO, which had landed in the desert. When he approached the vehicle he saw two, small humanoid creatures in overalls that he first thought to be adolescents because of their size.

However, when the significant of what he was witnessing dawned on Zamora, he froze in his tracks. At the same time, the two creatures stopped him and quickly retreated to their craft and took off.

Afterwards, Zamora brought other officials to the site, where there were still impressions in the sand. He later drew the following  symbol or insignia he saw on the UFO:

New Mexico UFO

Symbol described by Lonnie Zamora on UFO he spotted taking off from New Mexico desert. Illustration — Chet Dembeck

Rendlesham Forest UFO Hieroglyphs

One of the most striking and truly unexplainable stories to be verified and expounded upon in great detail by new documents recently released from the X-files of the United Kingdom’s Ministry of Defence is the Rendlesham Forest UFO incident, which occurred near a U.S. Air Force Base in Great Britain in 1980

I believe that the fact there were so many credible witnesses to this UFO incident forced the U.S. Air Force to admit and then give a terse yet descriptive description of the event However, as you read more of the Ministry of Defence declassified documents you soon being to realize that the official response was only a small and sanitized description of what had actually occurred.

What Else Happened That Night?

As more military witnesses began to relive and talk about what really happened that evening, when several UFOs were seen and at least one landed, the USAF and the RAF had their hands full trying to contain and control just how much info would become common knowledge. As more military witness began to relive and talk about what really happened that evening, the USAF and the RAF had their hands full trying to contain and control just how much info would become common knowledge.

Other documents and inquiries in this file greatly expand the possibilities of what occurred that night – although none of them offer definitive prove. One inquiry, in particular, if accurate, shows that the scope of this incident and what the government knew about it was far more than described in the official response.

In an inquiry to Ministry of Defence, which we will in further references call MoD, an individual, whose name was redacted, asked for verification of a detailed account given by one of the alleged military personnel who had responded to the Rendlesham Forest UFO incident,

In the account, the anonymous member of the military said that he was one of those called to the scene soon after the craft landed. The first thing that struck him as being extremely odd was the fact that on the perimeter of the landing site he saw a medic attending to an airman who was crying and distraught.

As he approached the craft in a jeep with others, he noticed that the military had movie cameras set up in various locations and that they were busy recording the entire incident. In addition, there were helicopters flying overhead and there were many plainclothes personal milling around the area.

As he and his fellow airmen approached the craft, which bathed the area in bright, yellow light, the unnamed witness noticed that their shadows were out of sync with their actual movements that were being cast on the UFO that resembled a transparent giant aspirin While the inquiry then goes on to ask for MoD for verification on this and even more fantastic claims of alien encounters — which MoD did not grant — this description of a time distortion gives special credence to this event in my view.

Similar slow motion, out-of-sync effects, or time distortions, have been described in some of the most credible alien encounter and abduction cases. Again, even though Einstein did not believe it was possible for an object to travel the speed of light or faster, some scientists today speculate that it could be done if a technology were developed that could create an alteration in the local space-time.

They also theorize that any person who came close enough to such a time anomaly would experience a time distortion like those described the airman.

Controversy Continues

In addition to these accounts, this UK X-File includes letters from Members of Parliament, who believe there is nothing more to add to the official report of the incident; while at least one Member believes that much of the true story remains untold.

One such virtually unknown element of this incident is the strange hieroglyphs that were witnessed and copied by eyewitnesses as illustrated below:

rendelsham hieroglyphs

Rendlesham UFO Hieroglyphs

Also read:  What Else Happened That Night?

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