Are UFOs Just Mirages or Caused by Dimensional Glitches?

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Are UFOs Simply Mirages or Caused by Tears in Time? Art Credit: Chet Dembeck

Recently released accounts of a U.S. Navy’s fighter pilot’s encounter with a UFO at sea, once again made me think about an old theory I have been kicking around in my head for years. The pilot’s account described a UFO, although moving at high speeds near the water and being able to maneuver at extreme speeds only a few feet above the ocean, he noted that the UFOs did not create any turbulence.

When I read that my mind clicked back to a time when I was a kid driving on a country road one bright summer day and noticed a body of water in front of me on an otherwise dry, hot road. When I saw it, I was a first puzzled because we had been going through a drought and the entire county was bone dry. It was then my grandfather explained to me that the water I saw would disappear when we got close to it because it was just a mirage. He was right and I learned that day that nature had quite a few tricks up her sleeve and mirages were one of them. What appeared to be water on the road was really just a reflection of water from somewhere else being delivered via a natural atmospheric refraction. It was simply an optical illusion.

Are UFOs Simply Interstellar or Inter-Dimensional Mirages?

So when witnesses of close encounters with UFOs report that these massive crafts often make no noise, or create no turbulence, it makes me wonder if there is indeed a natural phenomenon like mirages that occurs naturally reflecting images light years away, or centuries away from place to place, or time to time. A tear in the fabric of time and space, if you will.

A Nanosecond Vision of the Other

My own personal experiences with such time or dimensional tears go something like this: I am sitting on my couch in my living room next to my wife and a couple of friends when for a nanosecond I see an unknown figure sitting in the chair across from me. Just as the figure is beginning to take full form, it’s gone as fast as it came. The person or being was as real as you or I, but it faded somewhere into time or space’s infinite fabric. Was it past — a little before, or future a little beyond present? Was it an image from a galaxy far away, or even an alternative universe?

That leads me to my next question. Does the time continuum wear thin in places sometimes, or have temporary anomalies or glitches like a computer program or my memory?

Ghosts in an Historic Mansion

Or how about the time I went to visit a historic mansion and when I entered a room I smelled roses that weren’t there and thought I felt a summer breeze — but it was the dead of winter. Another time tear or sensual anomaly? There are those who contend that strong emotions or places that sit atop mounts of quartz playback time recordings, time and time again. That’s how they explain the ageless phenomenon some call ghosts, or haunting.

For instance, I have had some pretty strong déjà vu experiences haven’t you?

Like the time I was walking in Annapolis and suddenly every old townhouse looked familiar. For a few nanoseconds I felt like I was someone else and that someone else was experiencing all of the emotions, memories of a special moment — a moment that happened a long time ago — but it was suddenly made present for me. Then who was I at that moment — a moment suspended in a time tear?

Yet, since I have no scientific prove, I am afraid for now, my thoughts are still in the realm of pure conjecture. Yet, something about them seems to fit nicely with the mirage phenomenon, don’t you think?

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