UFO Leaves Physical Evidence at Landing Site in Canada

candian ufo landing

According to the report, two girls living near the site saw a large UFO bobbing up and down around the ground. Art Credit: Kellepics

Canadian Defence Dept. Concludes UFO Likely Made Alberta Crop Circles

While today crop circles are so common that they rarely break as the latest UFO news, in 1967 the Canadian Department of National Defence carefully studied the new phenomena when it occurred on a farm in Duhamel, Alberta.

Several weeks before the appearance of crop circles on a farm in Duhamel, an isolated small village near Carmose, Alberta, the town’s folk reported numerous sightings of strange lights and UFOs invading their rural skyscape. In fact, the local newspapers were inundated with sober eyewitness accounts of strange and unexplained phenomena.

Farmer Discovers Crop Circles

It was on Saturday, Aug. 5, 1967 when a local farmer, Mr. Schieke, stumbled upon the breathtaking crop circles when he was forced to go looking for his cows after they failed to come home in faraway field he hadn’t set foot in for weeks.

What he found totally floored him. To his amazement, Schieke discovered four circular imprints about 30 feet, 9 inches in diameter. Three of the rings were “essentially circular, with the largest mark being sightly elliptical, varying from 34 feet, 5 inches to 36 feet, 3 inches.” the investigator D.H.S. Jones from the Canadian Defence Dept. wrote in his then Top Secret report.

(One thing I really admire about some foreign countries such as Canada and Franc,e is that they appear to believe in full public disclosure about UFOs and rarely redact portions of declassified reports. I wish the same could be said for my own country the United States and its close ally the United Kingdom, which often redact large portions of pertinent pages of declassified documents they reluctantly release.)

Defence Dept. Investigator Puzzled

The onsite investigator who the Canadian Defence Dept. sent to investigate  was clearly puzzled as he summarily ruled out the probability of the crop circles being a man made hoax. In fact, he found that the farmer was most open and also mystified about the event and that didn’t believe in UFOs at all.

Investigator Smith noted in his detailed 6-page report for the Canadian Defence Dept. the following oddities of the four crop circles he examined on the rural farm:

  • There were no signs of exhaust blasts
  • There were no scorch marks of disturbances of loose surface material
  • Within the circles there was evidence that thumbnail-sized bits of vegetation had been removed by the object that made the huge impressions.

Hair-Raising Conclusion

Near the end of his report, (see below) the Defence Dept. investigator concluded that although it was a possibility the crop circle were made by a wheel, he thought it was unlikely. Instead, Smith believed it was more likely tat the imprints were made by a 135-ton aircraft or spacecraft.

Here is a copy of the 6-page report:

crop circle 1

crop circle 2

crop circle 3

crop circle 4

crop circle 5

crop circle 6

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