Latest 2015 Pentagon Video Confirms Existence of Super Fast Agile UFOs

Incredible Evidence that UFOs Exist

A newly released declassified video, shared by To the Stars Academy of Arts and Science , a privately-owned media and scientific research company, documents a previously undisclosed Navy fighter encounter with a UFO that happened in an undisclosed location off the East Coast  of the United States in 2015.

If you watch this video that the Pentagon amazingly released it records an encounter between a Navy fighter pilot, who finally is able to target an incredibly fast UFO after several unsuccessful attempts. When pilot finally succeeds, he is clearly excited and asks the other pilots with him what in world the object is?

No one knows.

Unanswered Questions

That is the rub. Some principals of the Stars Academy of Arts and Science, such as Christoper Mellon are troubled that the Pentagon doesn’t seem to care, according to an op-ed he wrote in the Washington Post.  He and others worry that if these unknown aircraft are really technological breakthroughs by the Russians or Chinese Communists then we should know about it. And if they are not, but instead vehicles from another world, we should know that too.

I unlike, Mellon, do not believe the Pentagon is as complacent as he suggests. On the contrary, the mere fact he was given this video leads me to believe there are those in high government places that are preparing all of us for a reveal of a lifetime, coming very soon!

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