Pieces of UK’s Mystery Flying Disc Rediscovered at London’s Science Museum

silph moor fragments

Fragments of UK Miniature Flying Saucer Recently Rediscovered.

Bits and pieces of a miniature flying saucer, which is know as the “UK’s Roswell” was rediscovered in an obscure tin box located at London’s Science Museum.

The wreckage of the mysterious saucer-shaped craft was originally discovered in 1957 by Frank Dickenson, a Scarborough businessman, who claimed that while he and two mates were driving near the Silpho Moor they witnessed a glowing object in the sky fall to the ground. When they got to the spot where the flying object had crashed, Dickenson ran from his car to find it, which he did, But by the time he went back to his car to get his friends to help him fetch the saucer, someone else had already taken it away.

By this time, Dickerson was so obsessed with the flying saucer that he put an ad in the local paper trying to find out if anyone had retrieved it. As fate would have it, a man came forward with what he said was the saucer wreckage. Dickerson then promptly gave him 10 quid to take it off his hands.  Dickerson and his friends then pried open the copper looking disc and found an 18-page book on thin copper pages, written in strange hieroglyphics.

Just an Elaborate Hoax or Something Extraterrestrial?

As one might imagine, the miniature saucer and it contents stirred up quite a controversy as UFO believers swore it carried a message from an alien named Ullo, who gave humankind the following grim warning: “You will improve or disappear.” Others shrugged the Silpho Moor Saucer as an elaborate hoax and laughed at the oddity until one day it just disappeared out of sight and out of mind.

Below are copies of one of the original articles on the “UK’s answer to Roswell:”

silph moor contraversy

Look closely at the bottom row images and you can see the hieroglyphs.

mystery saucer


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