Project Supervisor Claims UFOs Have Threatened U.S. Missile Defense


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Project Supervisor Claims UFOs Have Threatened U.S. Missile Defense

Long before commanders of U.S. missile installations came out publicly to describe how their weapons had been shut down by interloping UFOs, a project supervisor on the former Minuteman missile program went public about numerous incidents.

In a Dec. 5, 1973 article published by The Christian Science Monitor, Raymond Fowler, a project supervisor on a Minuteman missile project near Boston says he was told about the UFO-caused malfunctions at missile sites in North Dakota and Montana.

Fowler’s Story

According to Fowler, an Air Force officer who had been in one of the subterranean Launch Control Facilities of the North Dakota Minuteman site on Aug. 25, 1966 told Fowler that UFOs had successfully jammed their communication capabilities and had in effect shut their Minuteman Missiles down.

The unnamed officer then told Fowler that “nothing on Earth” has the capability to do this to U.S. defenses. He added that fighters were scrambled, but they could not catch up with the UFOs that disappeared into the horizon at incredible speeds — breaking all known laws or aerodynamics.

After the event, Air Force intelligence swamped the base ordering all those who had seen or heard anything to keep quiet.

Of course, the Air Force and the Department of Defense denied that any such events occurred.

Apollo Flight Engineer Tells Of UFO Encounter

Ever since UFOs were first reported there has been a concerted effort by the U.S. government and major media to explain away their reality and discourage their reporting by discrediting and ridiculing those who come forward with eyewitness accounts of the phenomena.

Yet, despite the negative consequences for reporting UFOs, some brave individuals are willing to share publicly what they’ve witnessed. One such highly credible witness is a former Apollo flight engineer Julian Sandoval of Inglewood, Calf.

Unearthly Sighting Near Albuquerque, New Mexico

According to an article published Jul. 11, 1966 in The Christian Science Monitor, while driving a car 18 miles north of Albuquerque, N.M. on June 23, Sandoval sighted an object hovering about 12,000 feet in the air at about 3:45 p.m. that in his own words was “nothing like we have.”

Consider, this statement is not coming from a witness an untrained eye, but from a flight engineer and pilot who at the time was working with the most sophisticated technology known to man. According to his account, Sandoval observed the object with binoculars for 1-1/2 hours, after pulling his car off of the road.

Description Of UFO

Sandoval described the UFO’s main body as having a “blunt end” and was “incandescent,” like a light bulb.  He added that there were four lights, which varied from a brilliant greenish color to a tinge of blue on its tail.

“When it would change position it would glow brighter,” Sandoval told a reporter. “Its movement led me to believe it used a type of propulsion. “He estimated the size of the UFO to be about 300 feet “from stem to stern.”

Finally, the UFO suddenly zipped out of sight at an incredible speed that defied known laws of aerodynamics.

Sandoval’s mother, who was a passenger in his car, also witnessed the event. As mentioned above, in addition to being a flight engineer Sandoval was also was a pilot with 7,000 hours of flying time under his belt.

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