Time Distortions and UFOs: Knowles Family’s Close Encounter

close encounters

Knowles Family’s Encounter with a Hostile UFO

Lost time, everything suddenly going into slow motion, shadows out of sync, objects and voices out of sync are common phenomena experienced by those who come in close contact with extraterrestrial vehicles and their inhabitants

 Australian Dual UFO Sighting Time Distortion

On the night of Jan. 22, 1988 the Knowles family said that they were driving on a road in a secluded part of the Australian outback when they noticed a light in the sky seemed to be following them. After a few miles the light came closer and revealed itself to be an egg-shaped craft navigated by intelligent beings. It soon hovered in front of them, according to the mother and her two sons, and lifted them and their car off the road using some mysterious tractor beam coming from the UFO.

It was at this moment that members of the family noticed that everything suddenly went into slow motion, including their voices, which were so slow they couldn’t understand each other. In addition, after the UFO put their car back on the road, the Knowles realized that more than 20 minutes had passed, which none of them could account for.

The Knowles Contact Authorities

Not surprisingly, the family was in a state of shock as they pulled into a gas station a few miles from where the incident occurred. They frantically told the attendant about their abduction by aliens in such a convincing manner that he immediately called the police, who dutifully took the incredulous report.

This would probably been the end of the case and it would have been eventually sealed with a shrug of the shoulders if it weren’t for the fact a few hours later a boat full of Australian fisherman found themselves also the specimens of the same craft and its extraterrestrial crew.

Here was an example of dual UFO sightings and alien contact reports that simply could not be explained away for a myriad of reasons.

Summary Of The Case

(1) The incidents, which occurred separately, one near Sidney Australia and the other off the country’s coastline, were reported by the Associated Press to have occurred on the same evening.

(2) The description of a UFO buzzing a car occupied by Faye Knowles and her three sons was identical to the description of a similar incident experienced by the crew of a tuna boat fishing in the Great Australian Bright the same evening.

(3) Knowles and her sons all witnessed the event, which they say involved their vehicle being lifted off an isolated Outback road by a mysterious beam coming from a UFO shaped like an egg in a cup.

(4) The fact that Knowles, her sons and the crew of the fishing boat independently testified that their voices changed and that they appeared to speak in slow motion makes this case one in a million!

Time Distortion A Shared Experience

This shared phenomenon of having their speech slow down and everything about them appearing to be in slow motion indicates a time distortion, which some physicists theorize would occur if a person came in the proximity of an object moving faster than or approaching the speed of light.

Similar slow motion effects, or time distortions, have been described in some of the most credible alien abduction cases and this alone raises the Australian case to a high level of believability in my view.

Faster Than The Speed of Light

Again, even though Einstein did not believe it was possible for an object to travel the speed of light or faster, today some scientists speculate that it could be done if a technology were developed that could create an alteration in the local space-time.

They also theorize that any person who came close enough to such a time anomaly would experience a time distortion similar to those described by the Knowles family and the fishermen.

Here’s an actual interview of the family soon after the event:

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