Was Alien Technology Offered to NZ Defence Force?

alien technology

In 2002, an amateur archaeologist who claimed to have discovered plans for building  a revolutionary form of propulsion buried in ancient American documents, offered this alleged alien technology to the New Zealand Defence Force.  The man, whose name was not shown on the declassified documents released from NZ Defence Force, also claimed he was an engineer who had been working on recreating the mysterious engine for the past 12 years.

“With my mechanical engineering background, I have been able to build a partial working model of this machine,” he said, in a neatly typewritten letter addressed to the Chief of Air Staff.

Features that are Revolutionary

The unidentified writer then went on to say the semi-working prototype he had assembled thus far had more than 1,000 working components that pointed to propelling a flying vehicle using Quantum Dynamics, using a considerable number of features that were revolutionary, “even by today’s standards.”  The writer also asked the NZ Defence Force for its help in completing the building of the prototype in order for it to reach its full working potential.

In less than a week, the NZ Defence Force politely answered that they could not help the engineer because they  were only interested in backing or spending resources and manpower on items that contributed to New Zealand’s defense.  It seems to some this might of been a bit short-sighted, but we’ve never know.

Here are copies of the correspondence between the engineer and the New Zealand Defence Force:


ancient american tech

Here is a copy of the NZ Defence Force’s reply to the unnamed engineer:

ancient america 2

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