Special Report: UFO & Fantasy Inspired Original Art

From time to time, I visualize and transform UFO reports I have reported on into fantasy, mixed-media art, which is a form of art that includes melding some of my sketches and photos together.

Here is one I created simply called: The Visitor:

book cover 1

The Visitor, Credit: Chet Dembeck

This one is inspired by past and future galactic catastrophes.  It’s called: Dying Sun.

dyng sun by ced

Dying Sun, Credit: Chet Dembeck

This one is a montage of vintage sci-fi and today’s moon to the earth photography. It is called: Stranded

stranded final by ced_pe_pe

Stranded, Credit: Chet Dembeck

Here’s another fantasy montage based on a moon and earth theme. I call it: Alone at Last.

alone at last by ced_pe

Alone at Last, Credit: Chet Dembeck

Artificial Intelligence and robots are finally upon us. Therefore it is only fitting that I created my own concept of this monumental leap for humankind. I call this work: Android Beauty.

android beauty by ced_pe

Android Beauty, Credit: Chet Dembeck

Here’s another Apocalyptic artwork I inspired by a nightmare: It’s called: Angel of Destruction

angel of destruction_edited-1

Angel of Destruction, Credit: Chet Dembeck

This artwork was inspired by a vision of a future world where miners wear space suits and do their mining millions of miles from earth. I call it: Asteroid Hunter

astroid hunter_pe (2)

Asteroid Hunter, Credit: Chet Dembeck

As a fan of George Orwell and “1984,” I created this image to show how we must all today: Dance for Big Brother

dancing for the idol FINAL

Dance for Big Brother, Credit: Chet Dembeck

These are just a few of my recent fantasy artworks. I hope you like them as much as I enjoyed creating them.

They are available in various sized museum quality Limited-Edition, dates and signed Museum Quality prints. If interested, just contact me via this site.

Also read: Time Distortions and UFOs: Knowles Family’s Close Encounter

© 2018 Chet Dembeck

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