UK Defence Ministry Releases UFO Photo Taken By Widow

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Photo of a UFO Taken by an Unnamed Widow in the UK

Unexplained Incidents

In its declassified UFO Files, the United Kingdom’s Ministry of Defence released a batch of declassified UFO files chronicling a variety of UFO and alien sightings and encounters reported by British citizens over the late couple of decades.

I’ve been combing through the thousands of documents and as I discover a good case, I will share it with you. The regular media does not seem to have the interest nor resources to do this, so I will do it for them.

These once “Top Secret” documents reveal some unexplainable incidents that are backed by corroborating eyewitnesses of the highest caliber and photographic evidence.  One such incident occurred on Oct. 30, 1998 to a “retired war widow” living in the UK city of Frinton, Essex and involved numerous sightings by her and her sons of “UFOs that come out at night at 10 p.m. and sometimes stay visible until 5 a.m.”

widows ufo drawing

Widow’s Letter, Drawing and Photo to MOD

To back up her account,  the woman, whose name has been redacted in the declassified document, sent along a drawing of the UFO, which she said had lights underneath it that shined like “crystals.” In addition, she mentioned that her sons urged her to send along photos she had taken of the UFOs, which she did. She captured the images when the UFOs remained firmly in place  even when British planes approached the objects, she said.

Defence Ministry’s Reply

Sadly, but predictably —  MOD’s response to the woman was its standard form letter basically stating that the British government had no interest in UFOs that posed no security threat to the UK.  The fact that these objects appear to penetrate the UK’s air space at will didn’t seem to matter to Defence Dept. officials publicly. I cannot believe that is the case privately.

Here’s a copy of MOD’s letter to the Widow:

mods letter to widow


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