Ancient Biblical Texts Tell Of Civil War Between Ancient Astronauts

ancient astronaut scupture

Ancient carved pipes of the mysterious ‘Mount Builders’, Credit: Unknown

The Book of Enoch and Extraterrestrial Watchers

The controversy surrounding the Old Testament “Book of Enoch” will always be with us as more theologies reject this unique chronicle than accept it as part of the cannon of the Bible. This is understandable because when interpreted literally, it makes little sense.

R.H. Charles translated the ancient text in 1912. In 1948, more pieces of this ancient puzzle came together with the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls. Soon after, fragments of the Greek text were also discovered.

True Events

It is my belief that Enoch was writing about true events and real experiences using the language and belief system of his ancient times to describe what he perceived as supernatural spiritual beings at war with one another.

In truth, I believe Enoch really was witnessing two groups of space travelers from a civilization eons ahead of man’s technologically, who were fighting over whether such an advanced civilization had the right to interfere, intermarry and conquer a primitive species.

In my opinion it is only when we view the so-called “Watchers” or “angels” Enoch chronicles in this context that this prophet’s epic account makes any sense at all.

Shipwrecked or Observation Post

I am going to give you my interpretation of Enoch’s writings first, with his text immediately following.

My interpretation of Chapter six and seven of the Book of Enoch is as follows:

An expedition of extraterrestrials either crashed or was shipped down to earth to observe mankind and watch its progress — thus the term “Watchers.” This is no different than what some of our scientists do in the wild with animals or secluded Amazon tribes. They observe, tag and try to learn as much as they can about their subjects without destroying their culture or interfering with their affairs. Again, I am speaking of today and not during the period of past European colonialism.

Gap in Time

Whether these visitors had crashed or had been transported to the ancient Middle East is not known. But according to Enoch’s account, the 200 of them, who had become residents of the area, started to find earth women quite attractive. My best guess is that a long period of time has passed between when this crew had been dropped off or crashed on earth; therefore, as a group they decided it was time to procreate with the natives because they weren’t sure if their fleet would ever be returning for them.

Or this action could have been purely a matter of survival. Perhaps their women had died, or perhaps they were dwindling in numbers and believed it was necessary to take action to preserve themselves. Or, perhaps they were just horny.

Interesting, Enoch writes that their leader Semjâzâ openly expressed great concern about such a move; in fact, he told his fellow extraterrestrials that he would be held responsible and pay a heavy price for allowing such sexual copulation.

At this, his crew assured the leader that they had his back, which appeared to ease Semjâzâ reservations enough to give them the final O.K. — and even join in.

Broke the Prime Directive

Using a Star Trek term, it was soon after that the 200 visitors descended Mount Hermon, a place with so-called angels and God often communicated with the prophets, and took themselves human wives.

In the next passage, Enoch begins to outline the consequences of these extraterrestrials mating with local women. Immediately, the visitors began to teach their wives advanced chemistry and later they would teach their offspring the advantages of technology as applied to warfare with other humans.

Instantly, these extraterrestrials had sowed the seeds for the disaster that followed.


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