Don’t Believe Pentagon Is Asleep At the UFO Wheel

go fastThe recently-released Pentagon tape showing a Navy fighter pilot’s weapon system locking onto unexplainable UFO has triggered quite a few editorials accusing the U.S. Dept. of Defense of not taking this strange phenomenon seriously enough.

Preparing Us for What?

I don’t believe this for a second. In fact, I think the video of this engagement between a US fighter pilot and the UFO was released because the Pentagon wants to give the American public and the world a taste of the reality that is been with us for many years. The real question critics and pundits of the Pentagon should be asking is what exactly are the powers-that-be preparing us for, and why now?
It could be that they soon expect a full reveal from those who are operating the UFOs that appear to be able to invade our airspace at will and easily neutralize our fighter jets’ weapons as well as are nuclear missiles in silos and submarines. It could be that the Pentagon is trying to soften the possible panic such a revelation will have on the American public and the world.

Preserving an Uneasy Nuclear Peace?

One  has to wonder if it is a coincidence that such UFO sightings  began to occur in mass during, after World War and up to the present.  Is it also a coincidence that through some miracle the world has not been plunged into a nuclear Holocaust over that 70 years plus time frame.

I know you may think that the two are unrelated, and while I can’t offer any definitive proof that they are, it is a comforting thought that’s just perhaps alien extraterrestrial beings have decided to keep us from destroying ourselves. Perhaps not for our own good, but instead to further future plans THEY may have for mother Earth.  What do you think?

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