Carl Sagan Questioned British Intelligence about Crop-Circle Cover-Up

crop circle photo

Crop Circles, Credit: Public Domain

One interesting and under reported document in the United Kingdom’s Ministry of Defense’s  declassified x-files is a letter from the late American scientist and author Carl Sagan inquiring about a possible crop-circle cover-up.

Sagan, who publicly shunned UFOs, apparently was interested in crop circles and there possible cover up.

In his letter to MoD dated Mar. 6 1996 Sagan cited a redacted UK crop-circle expert who claimed that the “British Government…has sanctioned the Ministry of Defense to say that crop circles are real.”

Crop Circles Real?

Sagan then goes on to say that the redacted crop-circle expert said that “evidence has been uncovered showing that some farmers have been paid considerable sums of money to destroy real crop circle when they appear.” He added that the same source said the British government also paid others to make hoax replicas.

“Could I trouble you to tell me the Ministry of Defence’s view on this subject?” Sagan wrote.

There was no reply from MoD to Sagan in the x-files.

Member of Parliament also inquired about crop circles

Another bit of correspondence to MoD from Member of Parliament Gerry Sutcliffe on behalf of a constituent invokes more questions about crop circles than it answers.

The letter from Sutcliffe dated Sept. 13, 1995 asks MoD a host of specific questions:

“Does MoD have any information regarding an alleged incident where a security camera at a regional electricity company shot film of a UFO drawing electricity from overhead power cables?”

“Could you supply further information regarding an alleged incident 23 January 1995 in Ince Park, Wigan when a UFO was apparently seen landing. Were MoD officials present on the night in question?”

“Does the MoD investigate human abduction phenomenon, animal mutation phenomenon or the crop circle phenomenon and if not which government department does?”

What is fascinating about this inquiry is that although there is no direct response document in the x-files there are notes scribbled on the margins of this Sutcliffe’s inquiry by an anonymous MoD bureaucrat that reveals a tidbit of information MoD probably would have preferred remain unknown.

In the margins someone has written that MoD does not investigate animal mutilations or crop circles but passes them along to the Agriculture Development Advisory Service (ADAS).

The bureaucrat then goes on to admit the following:

“ADAS is conducting research into crop circles but for a private client.”

MoD’s Private Client?

This answer raised more questions than it answers and shows clearly that MoD and other British government agencies take all of these “alleged” incidents very seriously. In addition, it begs the question who in the world is the private client the British agency is looking into crop circles for?

Wild guess: a United States intelligence agency maybe? We can only speculate.

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