Alien Invasion of the Sutton Farmhouse: A Night of Terror

sutton family 2

A Night of Terror for the Sutton Family

On a warm, humid August night in 1955 in a small rural town of Kelly, Kentucky, an entire family and their friends from Pennsylvania found their farm house under siege by a dozen or more terrifying, humanoid creatures that threatened and tormented them until dawn.

According to various documented accounts including an article dated Aug. 22, 1955 in the Kentucky New Era newspaper, the incident began about 7 p.m. when Billy Ray Taylor decided to get a bucket of water from the well outside.

Taylor was visiting Elmer “Lucky” Sutton and the 10 members of his family, who were gathered in their humble house getting settled for the long, hot evening.

Just as Taylor inhaled the farm’s sweet air and began to marvel at the number of stars he could see away from the city lights, he was startled by the appearance of large shining object streaking across the sky and appearing to land in a small gully only about a quarter of a mile from the Sutton house.

A frightened and shocked Taylor dropped his pail and raced back to the house bursting into the door stammering excitedly about what he had just witnessed.

The family fell silent and only the belly laugh of the patriarch “Lucky” Sutton, who believed Taylor was playing some sort of a practical joke on them, broke the tension and signaled to the rest of the family it was OK to laugh off his buddy’s ominous sounding warning.

After several attempts to make the family believe he wasn’t kidding, Taylor gave up trying to convince the family and threw his hands up in the air as if to say, “Alright you all, but don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

First Encounter

Less than 15 minutes passed before the family dog began to bark wildly, which was highly unusual unless there was some sort of wild animal prowling around the farm or an unannounced stranger approaching the homestead. Lucky jumped up from his chair snatching his shotgun from the kitchen corner and headed outside to investigate, wondering what had got into his hound. Billy Ray quickly followed Lucky’s lead by grabbing his .22 target pistol and followed him out of the door.

As both men stepped into the darkness from the front porch to their shock and amazement, only a few feet in front of them they saw a unearthly-looking, 3-to-4-foot-tall creature walking toward them.

“It was walking towards us with its hands up in the air, like it wanted to surrender,” Sutton would recall later. At first, they described the creature as being greenish in hue, but later upon reflection,

Sutton recalled it being silverish with large eyes, like those of an owl. “It had a long thin mouth, large ears and thin short legs with hands like claws,” said Sutton and other family members when describing what they saw to a reporter from the local newspaper.

First Blood

While both Lucky’s and Billy Ray’s brains were rejecting what they saw with their own eyes, their primeval instincts kicked in and they both unloaded their guns into the creature at point blank range!

But to their absolute horror, the little being didn’t crumble to the ground, instead it simply did a back flip and raced toward the woods on all fours. The men hurriedly ran back to the house, but as soon as they slammed the door shut, the ugly creature suddenly appeared again peering through the house’s front window.

Both men quickly reloaded and blasted the screened window until both guns were empty again. They then cautiously stepped out onto the front porch hoping to find a dead creature. But instead,  a clawed hand reached down from the roof of the farmhouse and began to grab and pull each man’s hair.

Once again, the men reloaded their guns, swearing and praying at the same time, –and for a third time emptied their guns into the creature’s head and chest. However, this time, the being didn’t flip,  but simply floated to the ground defying the laws of gravity.

This caused the hair on the back of each man’s neck to stand straight as they watched the monster quickly scurry into the protection of the woods as though it were playing some sort of sick peak-a-boo game.

Under Siege

The men retreated to the house, which by this time was filled with hysterical screams and weeping as the women and children saw the unbelievable nightmare unfold in front of their very eyes. It also shook them to see both of these burly men trembling like children themselves.

Once they were inside, the men reloaded their weapons, but instead of dealing with one creature, they were now besieged with as many as 10 or 12 of them surrounding the house. Although none of the creatures actually entered the dwelling at any time, they taunted and tormented the men and their family members moving from window to doors, actually trying to draw fire, which they did as

Lucky and Billy Ray blew holes through every door and window in the house. After about three hours of this, the men and family members began to panic, wondering what the creatures wanted with them, especially when they realized the bullets hitting the creatures were making a strange metallic sound as though they were hitting a super hard surface and being flattened.

The family decided on an escape plan, which had them run for their two vehicles, pack themselves in and high tail it to the nearest police station in the near town of Hopkinsville. When they reached the station, even though they were hysterical, they quickly convinced Police Chief Russell Greenwell they weren’t drinking and that their experiences were in fact real – at least to them.

This compelled Greenwell eventually to summon a posse of 20-plus officers to the scene to investigate the farmhouse and the neighboring area. During the canvassing of neighbors, his men reported that they had heard a series of gunshots and seen strange lights in the sky. While the Police Chief and his men found Sutton farmhouse shot full of holes, they did not find any sign of the strange creatures that had provoked the barrage.

However, they did find “an odd luminous patch” along a fence where one of the strange, goblin-like beings had allegedly been shot. In addition, some of the officers reported seeing a green, glowing light emitting from the woods, but they could not locate from where it originated. Finally, after three hours or searching and interviewing the witnesses, the police left the Suttons at 2:15 a.m.

Firing until dawn

To the Sutton family’s horror, 90 minutes after they left the Sutton place, the strange creatures returned and began once again to harass the family and draw fire from Lucky and Billy Ray. This continued until the break of dawn when the creatures disappeared as quickly as they had appeared.


As it is standard practice in such close encounters of the third and fourth kind, the military usually gets involved, only to later discount or deny its interest. It then totally discredits the eyewitnesses and the credibility of the incident altogether.

It was no different with the Kelly/Hopkinsville case. Yet, the case was never included in the documents released of the Project Blue Book, an Air Force study of UFOS, when it was supposedly declassified. When asked why the case was not included, a former head of the program said it had been marked CP, which stands for “Crackpot. Such cased were not pursued,” he said.

sutton terror

Nonetheless, other documents appear to contradict his statement For example, a letter from an USAF captain that states that Hopkinsville’s chief of police reported that military men from Fort Campbell had investigated the incident the day after it occurred.

Furthermore, it also states that two men from an “unidentified agency” (men in black) had also investigated the case and were given access to all the official police reports gathered during the incident.

Discrediting & Disinformation

As is often the case in such credible cases with many eyewitnesses, an orchestrated drumbeat of discrediting Lucky Sutton and his friend began to show up in quotes in the media and speculation about the case.

“Isn’t it true they were both carnival workers at one time? And, isn’t it true they were drinking heavily that night and drank and carried on all the time? Maybe they were just in the middle of a drunken delusion and their family was afraid not to go along with it.”

These were the kind of rumors and innuendos that were being circulating in what appeared to be an organized effort by someone or some group to discredit the Kelly/Hopkinsville incident.

Family’s Making Money off Incident Didn’t Help

Still, the fact that 22 days after the incident the family had sold hot dogs and charged curiosity seekers money to see the farm helped fuel this story line. However, the rumors being floated about Lucky Sutton’s drinking that night were unproven and got him ostracized from his fundamentalist Christian church, who forbade the drinking of alcohol.

As it is so often the case, it appears that Lucky Sutton, his friends and the entire Sutton family were all stigmatized because they simply reported what they claim to have seen with their own eyes that evening.


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