Roswell Chief of Police Tells of Small Caskets Being Ordered by Army Base

alien from roswellHere is an affidavit from another credible eyewitness to the Roswell event, which supports the possibility that dead aliens were recovered from the UFO crash site on that fateful day in the summer of 1947 in New Mexico.

The sworn testimony is from town’s former chief of police and city council member L.M. Hall.

In the affidavit, Hall tells of a strange conversation he had with the town’s mortician a few days after the incident, which was originally reported as the crash of a flying disc by the Army on July 7 —  before the Army did a quick about face and said it was just a weather balloon with some crash dummies.

Witness to Roswell: Unmasking the Government’s Biggest Cover-up

The Affidavit

(1) My name is L. M. Hall

(2) My address is: XXXXXXXXXX

(3) I am ( ) employed as: _________________________________ (x) retired,

(4) I came to Roswell, New Mexico, in 1943, while serving in the Army Air Force. I was a military policeman and investigator at Roswell Army Air Field (RAAF). In 1946, after being discharged from the service, I joined the Roswell Police Department, and in 1964 I was appointed chief of police, serving for 14 and a half years. I am now a member of the Roswell City Council.

(5) In 1947, I was a motorcycle office, with patrol duty on South Main Street, between town and RAAF. I and other police officers would often take our breaks in the small lounge at the Ballard Funeral Home  910 South Main, where Glenn Dennis worked. I had gotten to know Glenn when I was a base MP because he made ambulance calls to the base under a contract Ballard’s had, so I would sometimes have coffee with him if he was at work when I stopped in.

(6) One day in July 1947, I was at Ballard’s on a break, and Glenn and I were in the driveway “batting the breeze.” I was sitting on my motorcycle, and Glenn stood nearby. He remarked, “I had a funny call from the base. They wanted to know if we had several baby caskets.” Then he started laughing and said, “I asked what for, and they said they wanted to bury [or ship] those aliens,” something to that effect. I thought it was one of those “gotcha” jokes, so I didn’t bite. He never said anything else about it, and I didn’t either.

(7) I believe our conversation took place couple of days after the stories about a crashed flying saucer appeared in the Roswell papers.

(8) I have not been paid or given anything of value to make this statement, which is the truth to the best of my recollection.

Signed: David N. Wagnon

Date: 9-15-93

Signature witnessed by:

No one present to witness

[Sources: Karl Pflock, Roswell in Perspective, 1994

Michael Hesemann and Philip Mantle, Beyond Roswell, 1999]

Witness to Roswell: Unmasking the Government’s Biggest Cover-up

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