Eyewitness to Roswell UFO Debris Tells Story in His Own Words

marcells notebook

A credible witness, who followed Army communications information officer Walter Haut’s example by filing an affidavit forever setting the record straight on the mystery of the Roswell UFO incident, was the son of intelligence officer Major Jesse Marcel’s,  the late Dr. Jesse Marcel Jr. His involvement in the controversial UFO Roswell event began that night in July 1947 when his father woke the then 11-year-old boy up to show him some of the wreckage from the crashed UFO.

Here is his sworn testimony of  what Marcel said occurred:

The Roswell Legacy: The Untold Story of the First Military Officer at the 1947 Crash Site 


(1) My name is Jesse A. Marcel, M.D.

(2) My address is: XXXXXXXXXX

(3) I am a physician, and I have served in the National Guard since 1978; I am a certified crash investigator and helicopter pilot.

(4) In July 1947, I was eleven years old and lived in Roswell, New Mexico, where my father, Major Jesse Marcel, was stationed at the Roswell Army Air Field, serving as the base intelligence officer.

(5) One night, I was awakened by my father in the middle of the night. He was very excited about some debris he had picked up in the desert. The material filled up his 1942 Buick. He brought some of the material into the house, and we spread it out on the kitchen floor.

(6) There were three categories of debris: a thick, foil-like metallic gray substance; a brittle, brownish-black plastic-like material, like Bakelite; and there were fragments of what appeared to be I-beams.

(7) On the inner surface of the I-beam, there appeared to be a type of writing. The writing was a purple-violet hue, and it had an embossed appearance. The figures were composed of curved, geometric shapes. It had no resemblance to Russian, Japanese or any other foreign language. It resembled hieroglyphics, but it had no animal-like characters.

(8) My father said the debris was recovered from a crash site northwest of Roswell. He felt it was very unusual and may have mentioned the words “flying saucer” in connection with the material. He was certain it was not from a weather balloon.

(9) I have not been paid or given anything of value to make this statement, which is the truth to the best of my recollection.

Signed: Jesse A. Marcel

6 Mar 91

Signature witnessed by:

Trudy Anders LPN

[Source: Karl Pflock, Roswell in Perspective, 1994]

Marcel Describes Hieroglyphs on UFO Wreckage

In the following letter, Marcel elaborated on what his father showed him from the Roswell crash. Notice he underscores the fact that although the hieroglyphs on the material resembled Egyptian hieroglyphs that they were not. It is also important to note that in his affidavit Marcel also made it clear that the symbols written on the debris where not Russian, Japanese or any other foreign language of this world. Therefore, it is not a known Earth language.

Dear Mr. Solomon:

The following is a general description of the fragment that had what appeared to have a form of writing on its surface.

There was a series of geometric patterns embossed on the inner surface of a fragment shaped like an “I” beam strut. There were no recognizable animal figures such as seen in Egyptian hieroglyphics but the symbols resembled hieroglyphic type characters.

Most of the debris looked like pieces of an aircraft airframe and its skin. Some of the debris was not metallic but more like pieces of black plastic fragments thicker than the metallic skin.

The color of the symbols was of a violet or purplish metallic hue.

sketch of marcel's i-beam as descrbed by him

Obviously, the above symbols are not an exact duplication, but this is more or less what they looked like as I can recall after more than forty years.


Jess Marcel

PS I showed the above drawing to my mother who was also present and she concurs with the above description.

Jesse A Marcel, M.D., P.C.

Fellow, American Academy of Otolaryngology — Head and Neck Surgery

The Roswell Legacy: The Untold Story of the First Military Officer at the 1947 Crash Site 


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