Raw X-Files Drawings Show UFOs as Witnesses Saw Them

Crop Circles: Art in the Landscape 

Sighting a UFO is an exciting, strange and sometimes traumatic experience. As I peruse the many declassified documents from various defense departments, I am often surprised and stopped in my tracks as I come upon a handmade sketch from real witnesses.

There is something emotional and stirring about seeing firsthand what each witness say they encountered. It always shakes my doubts that UFOs are simply the work of a vivid imagination, or the misidentification of the planet Venus or some drone or ordinary aircraft.

Here are some of those powerful images, and in some cases, artsy sketches from the archives of the UK’s Ministry of Defence that affected me the most:

xfile 1

The National Archives DEFE24/1999. Drawing of a UFO producing a crop circle, November 1998.

xfile 2

The National Archives AIR 2/18961. Painting of a UFO spotted on 18 January 1975, near Birmingham. Later identified as satellites Zond 4 and Cosmos 460.

xfile 3xfile 4xfile 5xfile 6

xfile 7

The National Archives DEFE24/1967.


xfile 8

The National Archives DEFE 24/1206.ter

xfiles 9

The National Archives DEFE 24/1983

Crop Circles: Art in the Landscape 

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