Declassified Cables: Hoover Tells of UFOs Buzzing Installation and Jamming Radar 

hoover photo

Founding FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover

The FBI-CIA-UFO Connection: The Hidden UFO Activities of USA Intelligence Agencies 

Extraterrestrials’ interest in our weapons and especially our nuclear weapons systems is legend.

A declassified FBI cable from from its founding Director J. Edgar Hoover reveals that the sensitive Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee was buzzed by 11 or more UFOs as early as Oct. 12, 1950 — and had its radar temporarily jammed.

Working on Nuclear Projects

In the frantic cable Hoover demanded to know all of the facts concerning the incident to ensure “the protection of vital installations.” Oak Ridge was known to be working on nuclear-related projects.

Hoover’s teletype also requested all the details of the accompanying radar jamming by the intruders and speculated that they may have done this by using some sort of “ionization of particles” in the atmosphere.

Strategic Air Command Response

A teletype response to Hoover from the Strategic Air Command (SAC) recounted the incident to the Director telling him that 11 or “maybe more” UFOs had penetrated the controlled air space and that fighter planes were scrambled to intercept them.

“Altitude of the objects varied from 1,000 to 5,000 feet,” the cable stated. “Courses from South, South East to Southeast, and density from reading made by light aircraft equal in size to C47.”

The SAC teletype then told of an unsuccessful attempt by Air Force fighters to intercept the objects.

“ABC patrol was alerted but no objects could be visually sighted by them over the area other than the Air Force interceptor,” the cable said.

The communication then stated that there was no explanation why the UFOs could not be picked up on the installation’s radar because it had been checked out and was in perfect working order. Such extraterrestrial surveillance of our weapon systems continues today.

Here is a copy of both cables, which are difficult to read because they are photos of very old carbon copies:

hoover cable 1hoover cable 2

The FBI-CIA-UFO Connection: The Hidden UFO Activities of USA Intelligence Agencies 

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