Are Angels Real?

snow angel by ced_pe

One of  My Guardian Angels,. Photo Credit: Chet Dembeck

Encountering Angels

Whether or not there are spiritual beings called angels is open to debate for most, but not for me. I have interacted with them my entire life. But let me assure you, I did not come to the realization that angels are real overnight. It was only after they interceded in my life directly, saving me from death and destruction several times, did I have to admit they are real.

In the beginning of this article there is a photo I took from my last house during the winter. When I began to process the image to my surprise there appeared an image that resembled a being of light, or an angel. Now, some skeptics would laugh at my conclusion that I had captured an angel near the front of my house, writing it off as just a flash of light from the rising sun, a lens flare, or a reflection from some nearby glass. However, I am convinced this is just one of the heavenly creatures that is charged with my well being 24/7. Each on is with me to save, help and even point me in the right direction when I am lost physically, spiritually, or go astray.

Warmth and Reassurance

My first encounter with an angel occurred when I was about 7 years old. It was a very bleak time for me because my mother was convinced she had cancer and was not going to survive the operation she was going to have the next day. That evening, I went to sleep in my usual fashion, which was to sleep in the middle of my bed with my hands by my sides. I had a terrible fear that if one of my hands fell over the side of the bed, a ghost or demon would grab it and drag me down a dark tunnel to the deepest depths of Hell.

Because my mother was going to be operated on the next day, I had trouble sleeping and somehow my right hand fell over the side of the bed. Being exhausted, I just let it dangle. In the middle of the night, I felt someone or something touch my hand softly. At first I became terrified, but that surge of fear melted away as I felt the warmth of the hand that touched mine. I slowly opened my eyes and saw a young man standing in the middle of an extremely bright light. He smiled sympathetically at me and in my mind I heard the thoughts: “You have nothing to fear. I am here to comfort you.” At this, I jumped out of bed and hugged the man who warmly hugged me back. For some reason I felt ashamed, as though I had been of little faith and should not have despaired about my mother. As if reading my mind the man said, “Everything is going to be alright,” smiling at me as he spoke. I then asked him if he could stay, but he told me he had to go. Then the light vanished and he was gone.

The next day my mother was operated on and was found to be cancer free.

Life and Death  Situations

I’ve had too many interactions with angels to recount them all, but when I was a traveling sales rep for a major electronics company, sometimes I stayed at motels and hotels that weren’t Triple AAA, so I could be closer to my accounts and get an early start. Not a good idea, I soon discovered.

One evening, after calling on dozens of accounts, I came back to my motel in downtown Charlotte, North Carolina. My room was on the ground floor and all the way in the back where you had to make left turn to get to it. I soon discovered this was a perfect place robbers could hide and rob you within a few seconds and be gone by simply running behind the motel to the front unseen.

This particular dark, dank evening as I took the turn, for some unknown reason, the hair on the back of my neck stood up. As I stepped around the corner moving toward my room, two figures with hoodies were suddenly upon me, with one wielding a long serrated blade. As one of them grabbed my arm ready to rob me, a fire alarm right above us went off, emitting a loud, pulsating shriek. This started the robbers, who looked a each other and left me behind unharmed as they ran to the back alley. When I told the motel manager what happened, he looked at me with disbelief: not because I had almost been robbed, but because he said the batteries in the fire alarms had just been changed a month ago and he couldn’t figure out why this alarm suddenly went off. “Must be defective,” he said, scratching his head.

Maybe, but because this wasn’t the first time I had been saved by unexplained coincidences, I said a prayer that night thanking God and my guardian angels.

Many Similar Incidents

This has happened many times in my life. One night I was driving with my entire family and suddenly it felt that someone grabbed my steering wheel and forced me to change lanes, just as a drunk driver going over 100 miles per hour decided to enter the lane in which I had been driving. Had I not made that quick movement, I and my entire family could have been killed.

Two years ago, I was moving and sold a glass coffee table. It was heavy and as I carried it down my front steps to the buyer’s car, I slipped on the wet step. I just knew I was about to be impaled in the glass of the coffee table in front of my wife and the buyer. I do not have great balance or strength, yet as I fell someone grabbed me by the elbow and literally jerked me out of my fall. It was a miracle to me. I was sure I was dead. There was no one there. I am convinced it was just another time, one of my angels saved me.

Have you had similar experiences, or are you a hardcore unbeliever. I’d like to hear from you.

Encountering Angels 

© 2018 Chet Dembeck

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