Classified Version of Project Blue Book Revealed Mystery UFO Crash


Respected Attorney Daniel Sheehan Claims to Have Seen A Secret Film Documenting  A Crashed UFO.

Is This The smoking Gun For Another Roswell-Like Crash?

What if I told you the Air Force had two Project Blue Books — one that explained away unidentified flying objects as the planet Venus and other natural phenomena and another one that documented the hard, mind- blowing truth – perhaps like another crash of an alien craft?

Attorney Daniel Sheehan has degrees from Harvard in government, law and divinity and he established the Christic Institute in Washington D.C. and claims to have seen documents from the uncensored Blue Book.

He is another super credible witness that has given testament to the reality of UFOs and their cover up by our government. Sheehan has served as legal counsel on many high profile cases, such as Karen Silkwood, Iran-Contra, the American Sanctuary Movement, the Pentagon papers, Three Mile Island and Watergate.

It is hard for me to believe that this man would put his reputation on the line and open himself for such ridicule, if he did not sincerely believe every word of his story.

Jimmy Carter’s Curiosity About UFOs

Sheehan fascinating account begins in 1977 when he was approached by a friend who was working for the newly-elected President Jimmy Carter. Carter, who had once sighted a UFO, had a great curiosity in the subject. So upon taking office he allegedly called a meeting with the CIA director at the time, George H. Bush, in an attempt for once and for all to find out the truth.

Sheehan says that Carter asked Bush for information regarding unidentified flying objects and any knowledge concerning the existence of extraterrestrial beings, according to video testimony given by Sheehan at the National Press Club in 2001.

According to Sheehan, Bush refused to give Carter the information, telling him that even the president could not access such information, if it in fact it existed. He told Carter such intelligence is available strictly on a-need-to–know-basis – and that he, the newly-elected president didn’t have a need to know.

Sheehan says Bush’s response could have been based on the probability that the intelligence community feared Carter planned on making such information public.

Sheehan was then asked by Carter’s aide if he could get access to the Vatican library in an attempt to see what information the Catholic Church had on the UFO phenomena and extraterrestrials. Sheehan used all of his influence and tried to obtain the information, but the Vatican flat out refused his requests.

Gets Access To Classified Portions of Project Blue Book

However, with the help of Carter’s aide, Sheehan did manage to get access to the classified portions of the Air Force’s Project Blue Book for a few hours in May of 1977. Sheehan perused the files and microfilms in the just opened Madison building near Capitol Hill. He carefully examined various films until he came across a startling discovery in the frames of one of them taken by the Air Force.

Sheehan described his life-changing experience in his own words at the National Press Club:

“There were these photographs of unmistakable — of a UFO sitting on the ground. It had crashed,” Sheehan said. “Apparently. It had hit into this field and had dug up, kind of plowed this kind of trough through this field,” Sheehan paused for a second.

“It was wedged into the side of this bank,” he said, after taking a deep breath. “There was snow all around the picture. The vehicle was wedged into the side of this mud-like embankment — kind of up at an angle. There were Air Force personnel. As I cranked the little handle, and looked at additional photos, these Air Force people were taking pictures. In the photograph, they were taking photographs of this vehicle. One of the photos actually had the Air Force personnel with this big long tape measure measuring this thing. You could see that they had these parkas on, with little fur around their hoods. You could see that they had the little name tags on their jackets. They were clearly U.S. Air Force personnel. I was kind-of in this strange state saying: Here it is!

Vatican Not Interested

So, I turned the crank for more pictures, and I could see on the side of this craft these, like, little insignias — little symbols. So, I turned ahead a couple of pictures to see if there was a closer picture. Sure enough, there was. One of the photos had kind of a close-up picture of these symbols. So, what I did is — I was getting nervous — I looked around, and the [security] guys weren’t watching or anything. They were outside of the room, so I took the yellow pad, and I flipped it open to the little gray cardboard backing and I flipped it under the screen. I shrank the size of the picture to the exact same size as the back of the yellow pad, and traced the actual symbols out in detail, verbatim of what was there. Then I said, like, I’m going to leave. That’s it. I’ve got this, and I don’t want to push my luck on this thing…”

When Sheehan left the room, the guard asked to see his yellow legal pad and flipped through the pages, missing the alien hieroglyphs Sheehan had copied on the back of the pad.

Sheehan offered to share this information to the religious establishment, they told him they were not interested.

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