Did CIA Record Extraterrestrial Transmissions? 

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It’s quite possible that the CIA recorded transmissions from UFOs, according to a recent document I dug up from the super-secretive agency’s archives.

The heavily redacted document dated Feb. 25, 1955, which was a time in U.S. history when there was a major UFO frap going on, the document reported that the CIA  “possesses a wire recording of an unidentified electrical transmission of unknown origin.”

The next sentences are redacted, but the author of the message promises to give more details about the incident and then tells the recipient he is sending the recording along for “investigation.”


cia 4

CIA Document


Other Interesting Finds

In addition to this revelation, other recently released declassified CIA documents confirm a multitude of startling and interesting  UFO  sightings that are corroborated by multiple credible witnesses.

cia 1

Excerpt from CIA Document

For example, on Jul. 6, 1965, a group of red, green and yellow flying saucers were clocked flying over Deception Island in the Antarctic. They flew for two hours in formation over the South Orkney islands, flying in a circle pattern, according to witnesses at the Argentine, Chilean and British bases.


Extremely Fast UFOs Fly Near Patuxent Naval Base

It does appear that whomever or whatever is piloting the plethora of UFOs that visit us, have a keen interest in our weapons development and ongoing programs. For instance, according to a CIA report, on Jan. 19, 1965, the Patuxent Naval Base in Maryland got and unexpected visit from two UFOs in the afternoon between 3:15 p.m. and 3:30 p.m. Initially, the two objects were 10 miles apart, traveling a fantastic speed of 6,000 miles per hour. They were sighted three different times and seen making a 160 degree turn, before falling off the base’s radar screen.

The U.S. Coast Guard located in Salisbury, Md. also confirmed seeing the two uninvited visitors invading our airspace.



Excerpt from CIA Document


I will continue to research more archives and promise to get back to you with more evidence or UFOs and other unexplained phenomena.

© 2018 Chet Dembeck

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