Hovering UFO Blamed for Death of Farm Animals – Documented Case

xfile 2Some of the strongest evidence of UFOs and extraterrestrial visitors comes from the archives of small town newspapers. I spend hours searching them, and it’s always worth my time. One wonders why the cynics of these phenomena don’t appear to do the same.

One of the strongest cases of farm animals being killed by an unexpected visit from a UFO occurred Feb. 18, 1953 as reported by the Tabor City Tribune, in Tabor City, North Carolina, which published a newspaper from 1946 until 1991.

Mysterious Hovering Object

It seems that Arthur Marlowe of Route 4 was the second Horry County farmer to report a mysterious hovering object over his farm. Not only that, but just 14 hours later, Marlowe found one of his cows, keeled over dead on the very spot where the UFO was hovering.

The strange incident occurred about 12:30 a.m. Saturday morning when Marlowe was suddenly awoken  by barking dogs and braying horses. He got up, looked out of the window and saw such a bright light that he thought for sure his barn was on fire. He quickly dressed himself, grabbed his gun and hurried out the door to find to his great surprise a bright shining light being projected from an unknown object about 70 feet above the the ground.

Marlowe said he was able to make out three cylindrical beams of light coming from the object. The light being projected from the UFO was so bright that the farmer said he could have read fine print, despite being at least 100 yards away from it.  Although he had his gun with him and started to take a shot three time, something told him this wasn’t a good idea. He instead decided he would wait to see if it landed and only then get a few sticks of dynamite from his barn to try and cripple it, until authorities could come.

Stalking the Herd: Unraveling the Cattle Mutilation Mystery

No Markings and Little Noise

There were no identifying markings on the UFO and it made little noise, according to the farmer. He watched the UFO faithfully for 25 minutes when it then started to slowly move away. The next day at 2:30 p.m., Marlowe found one of his cows that had been milked in the morning, stone, cold dead on the spot where the light from the UFO had shone. It still had pieces of rye in its mouth.

Soon after, Marlowe discovered that his neighbor, Leon Hardee, who lived one-half a mile from his farm, also suddenly lost a horse that dropped dead for no apparent reason. Hardee had also witnessed the strange light as did Levi Shelleys and Miss Emmadell Prince, all of whom lived in the area.

Moreover, Mark Garner of Myrtle Beach, co-owner of the Tabor City Tribune, stated that he also saw a lighted object pass through the skies the same night at 6:20 p.m.  Nonetheless, local authorities in a second article in the very same newspaper tried to discount the story, saying that all of the witnesses had really just seen a U.S. Navy blimp.

Mr. Marlowe, however,  vehemently disagreed with this assessment by saying that after the object slowly pulled away it suddenly burst into a high speed of at least 700 miles per hour. “I don’t know of any blimp that can travel that fast,” he added.

Here’s a Copy of the Original Article:

tabor city tribune page 8

tabor city tribune page 2

Stalking the Herd: Unraveling the Cattle Mutilation Mystery

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