UFO and Fantasy Art A Remedy for Cynicism?

Destination Earth. unknown boundaries posterI don’t know if you are like me, but sometimes, politics, the latest tabloid and social network chatter is just plain boring. In fact, some days, I long for the years of my youth when there was such a thing as day dreaming and fantasies of all sorts, the variety was colorful and endless, or so it seemed.

This world can be plainly uninspiring, especially as more and more of us seem to allow ourselves to be programed by isms and a cynical, passive aggressive, surley view of the world.

 Era of the Individual

Sometimes, I long for the good old days before computers, iphones and email, a time when you actually had to approach other homo sapiens face to face. You didn’t meet someone online, you actually met them at a neighborhood, school or church dance. Over the years, whenever this “modern world” stream rolls me into a hardboiled, negative mood, I found one way to escape it and revitalize my soul was to create some fantasy art.

I create it; hang it up on a wall and stare at it longingly whenever the staleness of this world become overwhelming. Simple remedy, don’t you think?

So, I am offering you a glimpse of what brings me back to a world of wonderment and unknown boundaries. Here are three of my recent artworks, which are available in different-sized poster prints. If interested, just click on the artwork. If you should purchase one, or two, you’d have something to inspire you when you forget the vastness of the multi-verse. You would also be contributing to keeping this blog afloat. Here they are:

© 2018 Chet Dembeck


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