Birds, Drones and Balloons Being Reported As UFOs

ufos ciaRecently, there has been an uptick in what I refer to as hoax, or plainly misguided reports of UFOs and aliens sightings.

All you have to do is peruse the latest UFO reports showing up as breaking news in the mainstream news and even on some of the most-respected UFO sites and you’ll see a series of blurry photos, obvious hoaxes and poorly-drawn images depicting alleged sightings that somehow couldn’t be captured by a cellphone camera. In one  recent case, the narrative claimed they had left their cellphone in the car and by the time they retrieved it, the magnificent UFO had zipped away. Another recent case picked up as breaking news by news organizations throughout the world depicted a flock of seagulls flying at night being flashed by a light as a fleet of errant, invading UFOs. Another wildly popular Youtube video shows in slow motion a couple of geese flying in front of a helicopter and tags them as UFOs buzzing the aircraft.

Reporting Junk Makes UFO Researchers Laughing Stocks

This is just a small sampling of what I would call benign misrepresentations or hoaxes. I haven’t even touched on the outright hoaxes solely created as click bait, or to sell a book that claims, without an iota of proof, of fantastical alien abductions, communications and UFO rides, with some even hawking obviously fake alien photos or video.

Is it any wonder that UFO researchers trying to approach the subject sanely are considered boring and out of their minds just like the rest of the so-called UFO community?

Real Proof of UFOs Too Mild and Boring

These wild and wooly hoaxes make it easy to create an atmosphere where real proof of UFOs becomes too mild, with its significance ignored by the masses, or worst, the real proof is grouped with the hoaxes and becomes the latest UFO joke!

When  To the Stars Academy interviewed Commander David Fravor, U.S Navy (Ret.), on Nov. 2017 about the details of his 2004 encounter with a UFO it presented video proof, a written report from two U.S. Navy pilots with impeccable credentials. Yet, its seems many in and out of the UFO community have shrugged their shoulders and yawned, when they should be plowing into this case and going over it with the same enthusiasm they give blurry seagulls.

Greatest Documented UFO Case in History

Fravor was the Commanding Officer of Strike Fighter Squadron 41 on that day and was flying the U.S. Navy’s latest F/A 18F Super Hornet. At the time, Commander Fravor had been flying tactical aircraft for the Navy for 16 years and had logged more than 3,500 flight hours. He is a graduate of the Navy Fighter Weapons School,  aka TOPGUN.

Fravor’s UFO encounter occurred on Nov. 14, 2004 when flying with another F/A Super Hornet from VFA-14 on a standard training mission focused on Air Defense of the carrier battle group.

His experiences mirror hundreds of others I have read about over the last 50 years. That is one of the many reasons this case is so credible and noteworthy. In addition to his detailed, forthright testimony, there is as I have already said a video of the actual encounter, plus a written report from the other fighter pilot flying alongside CDR Fravor the day of the event.

This is real research and proof. Please, study it and pass it on.

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