UFO Cover Up Keeps the Lid From Blowing

sutton family 2After investigating UFOs for many decades, I have come to the conclusion that (1) They are real; (2) They are not from this world; (3) They are interested in our weaponry; (4) They are interested in our reproductive capacities; (5) They view us as inferior beings with which they can play or experiment with for whatever reasons they see fit; (6) They have plans for Earth and us; (7) Most contact with us is accidental and not planned; (8) They have much to hide from us; (9) They will not hesitate to destroy any human that gets in the way of them accomplishing their goals; (10) They may have communicated with a handful of humans, but this is rare and the way they prefer it; (11) World governments fear these creatures from other worlds; (12) In the past and up to the present, governments of the world will go to extreme lengths to deny they exist and keep those who discover the truth quiet, discredited or — if necessary — eliminated.

Real Disclosure Would Blow Minds

If you have any doubts as to why governments and the other establishment powers that be will go to any lengths to cover up a secret that has been in plain sight for centuries, it is really simple to understand:

The moment the world knows for sure that we are not alone and our world is being invaded at will by superior creatures from another world and there is nothing any government, church or country can do about it, is the moment those who rule our world will lose control of their populaces.

The whole, mind-controlling matrix will shatter into tiny pieces and billions of followers may instantly seek new answers and rise up against those who have been hiding the truth from them.

Spoon-Fed Disclosure

This could be why lately world governments have been begrudgingly opening their x-files on UFOs and extraterrestrials because they want to prepare their masses for the day of full disclosure, which may be coming soon.

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