New Release: Dancing For Big Brother: A Libertarian's Warning of Digital Censorship and Tyranny (Instantly Downloadable)

FINAL COVER dancing for big brother.jpgAs a former news reporter and Libertarian Conservative, I am dismayed and frankly worried about how cavalier the major media, the new digital techno giants and the average citizen, especially millenniums, view the growing assault on our freedoms of speech and privacy.

Every day I see tech giants like Google and Facebook infringe on these rights with impunity – getting bolder by the minute. One reason for this could be that both these and other tech giants contribute millions to members of Congress to make sure their monopolistic ways go unchallenged.

But, in reality, I am seeing that certain political, religious and unpopular ideas are being systematically censored from search results and Facebook pages and many other social forums such as Twitter to create what Brave New World?

Sometimes those censored are aware of it, other times, they are “shadow-banned,” meaning they see what they are writing, but no one else does. Twitter and Craigslist has been accused of doing this, while the huge and popular Reddit forum admits doing it and even allows you to find out if you have been shadow-banned. What none of them do is tell you why. They may give you some general unproven reasons like your comments are “not healthy for the community,” or accuse you of spamming, but in most cases, you have been censored simply because someone on the other side of a computer doesn’t agree or like your ideas.

This missive is not meant to address this critical problem in depth, but to give you some bits and pieces of the problem as I have experienced it both as a reporter and a citizen of the United States.

I also go into how the elite ruling class use the control of free thought to transform a country like the United States from a self-sufficient, industrial giant to a nation that makes very little of anything and is totally dependent on some of our greatest potential enemies to fund our uncontrolled deficit spending and make our most sensitive military parts.

In the last essay of this special report, I go back to another time when our country was divided: the first Civil War. I say the first, because some are saying we are about to plunge into our second. I pray that is not the case. However, such civil unrest brings with it massive injustices and the suspension of the U.S. Constitution as executed by then President Abraham Lincoln.  The last essay is something everyone should consider seriously.

I plan to write more extensively on this subject in the near future. Here is the first of many installments.

You can support our efforts and instantly download this 45-page Special Report for just $2. 

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