Sen. Ted Cruz: 'Shadowbanning Threatens Democracy'

shadow banned

If someone several centuries from now writes a book about the “Rise and Fall of Free Speech in the United States,” they will certainly look back at the first decade of the 21st Century and mark it as the time period when the First Amendment took its last breaths.

Coalesced to Promote a Leftist Agenda

It was at this time, NOW, that social media giants, Facebook and Twitter, along with search engine monopoly Google and some other huge players coalesced in their purpose to promote a leftist, humanistic, and in many cases,  an Atheistic agenda, sometimes openly and other times by secretly censoring conservative, Libertarian and religious ideas.

Google does this by suppressing the ideas it doesn’t favor in its search engines worldwide. Oh, it will never admit to doing this, instead its engineering hierarchy will tell you that placement of content in its searches is simply the result of it latest impartial allegorism.  But all one has to do is check Google’s search engine results on any political subject, such as President Donald Trump, and you will see nothing but negative, leftist articles from publications that are openly Democratic leaning or full-blown socialists.

Ok. So let me do such a search now, Apr. 16, 2018. I will go to Google News and simply search “President Trump.” Here is what I get on Page one:

The results: All the headlines are totally negative and none of them even suggest that former FBI head Comey might just might have an ax to grind, since President Trump fired him.

Here are some of the headlines:

BBC – Ex-FBI chief James Comey says Trump ‘morally unfit to be president

CNN – Trump now faces Comey’s moral assault

USA – Donald Trump’s campaign raises $10 million, spends big on legal bills

Two of the three publication quoted are unfriendly to Trump and have run many negative stories about him that used unnamed sources and scant proof, other than hearsay, to back up their negative assertions. In other words: Fake News. All of the headlines focus on the former FBI’s negative dish on Trump, implying that somehow Comey’s word is gospel and that he is attacking the President from some earned high ground, while detractors of Comey would contend that he is a slick creature of Washington’s slimy political swamp and is amoral and only protects the ideology of the establishment because it benefits him to do so.

It should be noted that nowhere on this search is there any conservative publication, newspaper, blog or website. All you will see is CNN, New York Times and the Washington Post. The reality is that any publications that might play both sides of the issue or even be pro-Trump are scrubbed clean from Google’s high search results.

Yahoo Slings Leftist Mud 24/7

yahoo searchIf you go to Yahoo’s search engine it is sad to see how that the once pioneering portal has degenerated into a Leftist propaganda machine. Yahoo not only attacks President Trump politically 24/7 — there are no positive or balanced stories about him there ever– it also strikes low blows daily by singling out his wife or one of his children. Nothing is off limits.

For example, I just did a search of “Trump” on Yahoo’s search engine, Apr. 16, 2018 and this lovely story is on the first page from the Inquisitr: Donald Trump Reportedly Likes Only One Of His Five Children: ‘Metro’ Cites Sources Revealing Which One

Sen. Ted Cruz Tells of Being Shadowbanned on Twitter

If search-engine censorship were not enough to stifle free speech, being silenced on major social media networks by a stealthy technique known as “shadowbanning” can make your digital comments disappear into thin air, without you even knowing.

On his nationally-syndicated talk show, conservative host Joe Pags interviewed conservative senator from Texas and former Republican presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz, who told of his being shadow-banned by social-media giant Twitter.

Project Veritas has captured Twitter engineers on video admitting that they “shadow-banned”  certain members, but if you’re not familiar with this practice is, here is how it works:

The administrators don’t notify you, they just make all of your Tweets or postings private. Therefore, you see them, thinking they are getting out to the community at large, but in reality, they are not being seen by anyone but you. You have in effect been silenced, censored – sneakingly declared a non-person. And the real kick to the administrations is that you don’t even know it! The perfect knife in the back online digital assassination.

“If you post something on Twitter, they simply make it disappear,” Sen. Cruz, told Pags, on  Apr.  11, 2018. “It simply goes into the void.”

Cruz said he believes he is being shadow-banned and Pags, who has more than 370,000 followers has seen comments on his Facebook page plummet.  [It’s as though} only 17 people see my posts, the talk-show host explained.  Pags and Cruz both believe that if social networks are to continue to have their present immunity from lawsuits and federal regulation, they will have to become neutral and fair in their dissemination of information. Otherwise, Cruz suggested that current antitrust laws might be applied to them sometime in the near future.  Facebook and Google are bigger than Standard Oil or the phone companies, before they were broken into smaller companies.

Otherwise, Cruz believes that such censorship will continue to grow and become a clear and dangerousl “threat to our democracy.”

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