New Release – Raw Horror – Tales by H.P. Lovecraft, A. Blackwell and Jack London

raw horror book coverWhen I decided to put this collection together, I thought of those raw horror tales that affected me the most and still affect me today.

Please let me explain:

Each one of these tales seem unpretentious and certainly hardcore horror, but after reading each one of them, a piece of each has stayed with me to haunt me forever. Now, I know that is a pretty heavy statement, but I am making it.

These tales are written by horror masters that go beyond the ordinary. H.P. Lovecraft is still a man ahead of his times, although he has been gone for nearly a century. The ungodly weirdness of his ancient ones and the foreboding evil that permeates his tales linger on for a lifetime, after you read them.

Algernon Blackwood is a horror master I stumbled upon, but his tales pierced my primordial fears and continue to taunt me from the dark corners when the lights are turned off.

Finally, Jack London, an unsuspected horror master, went way over the top with his horror/sci-fi story “The Red One.” I am shocked a movie hasn’t been made of it, probably because Millennials have never read it. It is unforgettable and, as with all of these tales, fits perfectly with the world as we know it in the 21st century.

But perhaps what makes these tales such raw horror is the intelligence and originality behind them. None of them depend on stereotypical cheap tricks. All are unique and open to truly horrific worlds that cannot be forgotten or disbelieved. Read them carefully and bath yourself in raw horror.

Click here to download this ebook instantly from Barnes & Noble. 


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