Media Hate Fest Against Trump Guarantees a Red Wave in November

Hatefest Makes Trump an Underdog

If there is one thing most Americans support, it’s an underdog. And the 24/7 Media Hatefest against President Donald J. Trump being driven by such major media outlets as CNN, New York Times, Washington PostNewsweek, Yahoo News, Huff Post and many others are pushing Trump’s popularity higher, along with motivating his supporters to go to the polls in November.

Unintended Consequences

How ironic that the constant barrage of bias, negative news, 90% negative against Trump, is the very thing that is sustaining him and painting him as a victim of the Leftist establishment and a champion of blue-collar workers everywhere. To make matters worst for the so-called “Resistance,” every time one of their darlings like Rep. Maxine Waters takes the national stage and calls for Trump’s impeachment, the support for Trump hardens.

I have been at Church functions where neighbors, who are full-blown Trump supporters, are enthusiastically organizing voting parties and caravans of volunteers to show the “Lefties” that Trump’s victory over Hillary Clinton was no fluke.

Instead of coming up with some real alternative policies to Trumpism, the opposing political powers that will never be, shake their fists in the air and guarantee a strong reaction from the Right during the midterm elections by labeling them idiots, racists, Russian sympathizers and various other ugly curse words and insults.

All the Democrats seem to be able to do these days is thumb their noses at the U.S. Constitution, put themselves in the unenviable position of supporting U.S. foes over Donald Trump( North Korea and Iran) and widening the gap between the blue-collar voters who made them a powerful political party in the first place.

Trumpworld Getting Stronger

Trumpworld Resonates

While the Left and its media minions cry foul, accuse Trump and his followers of being Russian collaborators — excuse me, but that is funny as Hell — in Trumpworld things are looking bright:

  1. Unemployment is down.
  2. Trump tax cuts put more money in blue-collar workers’ paychecks.
  3. Trump is demanding and getting respect from foreign adversaries.
  4. Trump is finally a politician who is trying to uphold and enforce current immigration laws, which were voted on and passed by Congress.
  5. Trump, with a few strokes of a pen, has made the United States the biggest energy producer on the planet, instead of the the biggest importer of foreign oil.
  6. Trump is starting to untangle the United States from the snarls of One-World Government into its rightful place as a sovereign nation.
Just say no to Trump!

Beating a Dead Horse

So, it’s little wonder that Trump bathes himself in the helpful, hateful rhetoric of the Left. Every minute of every day, they freely give him live ammo for his Twitter machine.

Everyday, their bias reporting makes Trump a martyr to Middle Americans, who will, I assure you, vote in masse come November. If the Left would just pause for a second, gather its wits, it would realize that they have to start doing some more than just bashing the President.

However, my guess is that they are so filled with hate and disappointment over his election that they will not be able to make such a rational political move.


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