Secret Report of 46-Foot Long ‘Tic Tac’ UFO Reveals Advanced Technology

ufo and waterOn Nov. 10, 2004  the Navy Aircraft Carrier Nimitz was being shadowed by several UFOs that Navy fighter pilots estimated to be 46 feet long, white and shaped like a tic tac candy mint.

Pilots and Navy radar operators were amazed at the UFOs maneuvers, which included diving from 60,000 feet in the air to 50 feet above the ocean in a matter of a few seconds. The Navy witnesses of the strange UFOs also observed that the objects could not be locked onto with their weapons and that they at times didn’t show up on radar, while at other times they appeared to cloak themselves invisible to the naked eye.

One pilot who observed them and pursued one of the UFOs also noticed that even though it was cruising low and near the water at tremendous speeds, it did not create any turbulence.

In a copy of the secret report, released to the public by two Las Vegas reporters, Navy pilots testified that the technically-superior UFOs where running on no currently known propulsion system and took no offensive action against them. The pilots added they had never seen anything like these UFOs in the past or since the incident.

Here is a copy of the report in its entirety. 

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