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  • Waiting for You – Vampire Underground

    I created this montage image from two very scary images. It captures the essence of impending doom. Waiting For You, Vampire, Dracula, Blood Sucker, Poster by charmcitydesigns  

  • New Release – Raw Horror – Tales by H.P. Lovecraft, A. Blackwell and Jack London

    When I decided to put this collection together, I thought of those raw horror tales that affected me the most and still affect me today. Please let me explain: Each one of these tales seem unpretentious and certainly hardcore horror,… Read More ›

  • Fallen Angel

    Here is a vision of a fallen angel brought to life. It is available in various sizes. Click on the image for more details: Fallen Angel, Horror, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Poster by charmcitydesigns  

  • Lone Astronaut at Work in Space

    This is an amazing image from NASA that captures a lone astronaut diligently and bravely working alone in space. It is a breathtaking tribute to humankind and our pursue of the unknown. It appeals to the explorer in us all…. Read More ›

  • Space Walking Untethered

    Here is a photo of one of the most important moments in NASA’s 50-year history of astronauts space walking. This is the first time an astronaut took a walk in space untethered. Unknown Boundaries is offering a museum quality poster… Read More ›

  • Volcanic Activity on Jupiter's Moon IO

    Giant Jupiter has a moon that is earth’s size. It’s IO, and it has volcanic activity and has caught the imagination of NASA scientists as a place that could harbor extraterrestrial life. Unknown Boundaries is offering a limited number of… Read More ›

  • Perfect Earthrise from the Moon

    Here is the latest amazing, high-resolution image from the moon catching a perfect Earthrise. Unknown Boundaries is offering a limited number of museum quality posters of this image at a variety of sizes. Great for hanging and dreaming. Just click on the… Read More ›